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Two yearling cubs resting on the beach leaning against eachother
Two yearling cubs resting on the beach leaning against each other.

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Lake Clark National Park and Preserve offers world class bear viewing opportunities on the coast where brown bears congregate in high numbers to feed. Information on this page will help you plan your bear viewing adventure. Learn and when to go to see bears, become familiar with bear viewing best practices. Then watch the park's beautiful new 11 minute-long film, A Day on the Lake Clark National Park Coastline to get a feel for experience of being on the coast with bears.


Where Can I See Bears?

Chinitna Bay
Located at the southern end the park's Cook Inlet coast, Chinitna Bay offers world class bear viewing. Visitors may be able to see as many as twenty coastal brown bears from a single location.

Crescent Lake
Located in the heart of the Chigmit Mountains, Crescent Lake is a sport fisherman's dream. During the salmon run, brown and black bears also frequent the shorelines in search of the plentiful fish.

Silver Salmon Creek
Located midway down the park's Cook Inlet coast, Silver Salmon creek offers outstanding sport fishing in addition to world class brown bear viewing.

Shelter Creek and Tuxedni Bay
Also located along the park's Cook Inlet coast, these two areas provide rich bear habitat, though they are more difficult to reach and thus less frequently visited by people. Bears that are not accustomed to the presence of people are less likely to tolerate close encounters. Exercise extreme caution if you visit these locations.

A blue lake ringed by mountain on a sunny summer day with pink flowers blooming on the beach.
Crescent Lake

This page provides the information you need to plan your trip to Crescent Lake, which is nestled in the heart of the Chigmit Mountains.

A mountain above a sedge meadow with bears grazing
Chinitna Bay

At times, visitors are able to see twenty or more brown bears in the salt marsh and on the tidal flats east of Middle Glacier Creek.

Slope Mountain over a beaver dam at Silver Salmon Creek
Silver Salmon Creek

Located midway up the park's Cook Inlet coast, this is the place to be if you are interested in bear viewing or fishing.


Bear Viewing Best Practices

Interactions between bears and people are different in a high density area like those along the park's Cook Inlet coast where people come with the intent to observe the bears than it is in the remainder of the park. Learn how to stay safe in this environment by becoming familiar with the bear viewing best practices prior to your trip.

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11 minutes, 46 seconds

Thinking about visiting the park's Cook Inlet coastline? This short film offers a spectacular introduction to what your day may include and how to stay safe and protect the park's bear populations.


Guided Trips

Several licensed commercial outfitters specialize in day-long and overnight bear viewing trips for travelers who prefer to visit bear country with a knowledgeable guide.

Last updated: October 13, 2021

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