from above, a map with pin holes shining in the light is held in hand
You are here! Richard Proenneke used this map to let unexpected visitors know his location when he went out hiking.

NPS/K. Miller

Park Brochure Maps

Park brochure maps are used for general reference and should not be used for navigation. If you're interested in obtaining a brochure map, email us for a paper copy or download an electronic version.

Topographic Maps

Physical copies of USGS topographic maps of the Lake Clark region are available at the Alaska Geographic Bookstore's Ship Creek location at 241 North C. St, Anchorage AK 99501. Their phone number is 907-274-8440. You can also download USGS topo maps online at USGS Map Locator.

A map of the Lake Clark National Park and Preserve Boundary.
Access to NPS authoritative legislative boundary and ownership GIS data maintained by the Land Resources Division.

Land Status

There are many areas around Lake Clark that consist of private and public land. This is important to keep in mind when planning a trip to the park

This map identifies the ownership of the lands within the authorized boundary of the park. Use this map as a tool to explore the authoritative land status around the park to ensure boundaries are respected. Zoom in to the area you are hoping to explore and click the zone to confirm the status of the land.

Map Links

  • USGS topo map of the Port Alsworth area
    USGS Topo Maps

    You can purchase or download free USGS topo maps online using their Map Locator. Search for Lake Clark National Park.

  • map of Lake Clark National Park and Preserve by NPS Harpers Ferry Center
    Park Brochure Map

    Park brochure maps are used for general reference and should not be used for navigation.

  • map of various land cover types in Lake Clark
    Land Cover

    Lake Clark encompasses a wide range of biodiversity because it lies at the intersection of four different Alaskan bio-geographic regions.

Last updated: April 30, 2024

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