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A map of Twin Lakes with English and Dena'ina Names including Black Mountain, Emerson Creek, Beaver Creek, Death Valley, Pyramid Peak, Teetering Rock, and Dick Proenneke Cabin
A map of the Twin Lakes area with pictures of features with Dena'ina Names and their English translations.

NPS. Artwork by Lake Clark's 2017 Artist-in-Residence Robin Peterson

One Park, Many Meanings

Many of the popular locations within Lake Clark National Park and the surrounding areas go by multiple names, both in Dena'ina and in English. These names often point out important features and the special meanings that park places have had over the years. Explore some of these park places and discover a new perspective on the land and water that sustains animals, people, and cultures.
mountains reflect in Lake Clark's wateer
Qizhjeh Vena (Lake Clark)

Qizhjeh Vena (now known as Lake Clark) is the largest lake located in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve

an aerial view of Kijik River and Lake Clark
Kijik National Historic Landmark

A special Dena'ina place that is now designated as a National Historic Landmark.

a large boulder sits on a beach
Hnitsanghi'iy 'Rock That Stands Alone'

There are various traditional stories relating to Hnitsanghi'iy and it serves as an important landmark in the region.

a view of Lake Clark from ontop Tanalian Mountain
Tanalian Point

Tanalian Point was the first settlement south of Port Alsworth on Lake Clark's southeastern shore.

River at sunset with mountains in background.
Meanings of Dena’ina Tinitun (Trails)

The cultural value of tinitun (trails) have deep, multilayered meanings and uses in inland Dena’ina tradition.

two backpackers stand on a tundra overlook
Ancestral Telaquana Trail

The Ancestral Telaquana Trail is a ancestral Dena'ina Athabascan route from Telaquana Lake to Kijik Village.

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