From the Western rattlesnakes and Jackrabbits that thrive in the high dessert to the Boreal Toads and invertebrates that hide in the moist dark caves, Lava Beds is home to a wide variety of animals. Learn more about the interesting critters you may encounter on your visit!

Keep your eye out for:

  • Juniper Titmouse

    The Klamath and Tulelake Basins provide a variety of habitats for both migratory and year-round resident species.

  • Tree frog in Cave

    Even with our warm, dry summer, lack of permanent surface water, and rough terrain, we have two species of amphibians in the park.

  • Cluster of bats

    Sixteen species of bats inhabit the caves, cliff faces, and forests within the park.

  • Fence Lizard

    Several species of lizards and snakes live here, including rattlesnakes.

  • Tailed Copper Female (NPS/S. Anderson)
    Insects & Above-Ground Invertebrates

    Many colorful and interesting insects can be found in the park.

  • Dipluran Valentine Cave
    Crustaceans & Cave Invertebrates

    Hidden in deep, dark caves, a few crustaceans and other invertebrates live secret lives.

  • Pika (NPS/ T. Reichner)

    From kangaroo rats to mountain lions, a variety of mammals are found here.

Last updated: April 12, 2024

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