Keweenaw's Copper Story

From 7,000 years ago to the 1900s people mined Keweenaw copper. Native peoples made copper into tools and trade items. Investors and immigrants arrived in the 1800s in a great mineral rush, developing thriving industries and cosmopolitan communities. Though the mines have since closed, their mark is still visible on the land and people.

A tall steel building.

Keweenaw Heritage Sites

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The Youth Historians kids group watches a movie on the third floor of the Calumet Visitor Center.


Learn about the many features of Keweenaw NHP with these short videos.

A large group of miners pose for a photograph with a poor rock pile and tall shaft building.

Working Wednesdays

Learn about the variety of occupations that kept the Keweenaw busy in the past.

The Keweenaw Printing Company store.

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Illustrated 1881 map of Calumet & Hecla property and the Village of Red Jacket

Copper Mining Timeline

Explore a timeline of Michigan copper mining from over 7,000 years ago to the present.

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