World Renowned Sacred Spaces - A Place for Reflection in the Past and Today

Nearly 2000 years ago, American Indians built dozens of monumental mounds and earthen enclosures in southern Ohio. These earthwork complexes were ceremonial landscapes used for feasts, funerals, rituals, and rites of passage associated with an American Indian religious movement that swept over half the continent for almost 400 years. Come walk among the earthworks and experience the past. Read More

Collage of photos from an outdoor event with logos for NPS, OHC and Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks
World Heritage Commemoration Event Pics

Photos from the October 14th event celebrating the parks inscription as the nation's 25th World Heritage site. NEW PHOTOS ADDED!

A red-roofed building on the left in front of a grassy field under a deep blue sky
Things To Do

Need suggestions to plan your visit to the park? Whether you're here for a half-day, full-day or multiple days, we're here to help!

Park visitors in a grassy area walking around large, green, grass-covered mounds
Basic Park Information

Before you leave your house, let us help you make your plans for your visit. Information on park hours and events can also be found here.

Logo for the Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks and a large mound in background with sun in upper right.
The Nation's 25th World Heritage Site

Now that the park is a World Heritage site, familiarize yourself with what exactly World Heritage is and what it means to the park.

Trees surrounding a road with a brown sign in the distance
Directions to Park Sites

Directions to the park's visitor center and the two other accessible sites can be found here with a link to customized directions.

A colorful artistic painting of mounds in the background with a patch text reading BARK RANGER
Be a B.A.R.K. Ranger!

On your next visit, be sure to bring along your four-legged, furry friend. Learn about the do's & dont's when your pet joins along.

Park jr ranger badge on lower left next to a table with jr ranger activities and headquarters sign
Become a Junior Ranger

Ask a ranger for a Jr. Ranger booklet. You can finish at the park or take it home and mail it back. A virtual option is also available.

A group of students at their desks listen to a ranger as she holds a prehistoric tool.
Parks as Classrooms

The park is great resource for you & your students! Visit on a field trip, have a ranger in your classroom or access curriculum materials.

Three people stand in front of a grass-covered mound
Accessibility at Park Sites

We understand the need to provide facilities that are compliant. Learn more about these features.

A small brown trail sign in front of a wide area of grass on a trail
Personal Safety at the Park

Visitor education is a priority but, so is visitor safety. To help, here are some of the more pertinent things to keep in mind.

A multi-colored rainbow arches about a field of grass-covered earthen mounds
Park Weather Conditions

Get current and forecasted local weather information for your next visit to the park.

Last updated: May 24, 2024

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