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Fort Donelson by artist Andy Thomas
Fort Donelson, as it likely looked at the time of the February, 1862, battle

NPS Collection/ Andy Thomas, artist

It was the campaign battle that changed the course of the American Civil was the campaign and battle that made Ulysses S. Grant a household was the battle that made Nathan Bedford Forrest a was the campaign and battle that led to the Union capture of Nashville, the first Confederate capital to fall into Union was a campaign and battle that claimed over 500 Union dead, and over 300 Confederate dead...

It is a National Park that preserves and shares this story...a National Park that preserves many miles of Confederate earthwork fortifications...a National Park that preserves a remarkable view of the Cumberland River...a National Park that serves as the final resting place for men and women of our Armed Forces...

And it's YOUR National Park. We are proud to take care of it for you.

Last updated: July 21, 2023

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