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Ellis Island Photo Collage
The story of Ellis Island is the story of people - millions of immigrants - who passed through its halls seeking new opportunities and freedoms. Join us as we tell the story of this place and these people through our photo collections. These images - some historic, some more recent - show us Ellis Island's history, even up to the present-day.

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The Main Building on Ellis Island; Links to flickr Collections Page Students posing with NPS Rangers in front of the Main Building on Ellis Island; Links to "Students in Action" flickr collection The Great Hall circa 1911; Links to "When Immigrants Walked These Halls" flickr collection Ellis Island's Great Hall bathed in sunlight; Links to "As a National Park Service Years" flickr collection Space Shuttle Enterprise passes by Ellis Island on its way to the Intrepid; Links to "Once in a Lifetime Events" flickr collection The Statue of Liberty at sunset; Links to "Hustle and Bustle of a Busy Harbor" flickr collection


On May 17, 2015, the National Park Service and Groundswell Community Mural Project, New York City’s leading organization dedicated to community public art, unveiled a six-panel mural on Ellis Island. Twenty-three teen artists created the new exhibit, which explores the concept of the American Dream, the immigrant identity of the early 20th century, and the issues facing American immigrants today.


Last updated: January 19, 2024

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