Yosemite Non-Native Plant Species List

Invasive plants are the largest threat to biodiversity within Yosemite. Currently, 275 non-native plant species have been documented within the park, 28 of which have been discovered since 2012. 

Not all non-native plants are considered invasive; the large majority of Yosemite's exotic plants pose little threat to native plant communities. To be considered invasive, a species must demonstrate the ability to rapidly displace native plants, alter fire regimes, or significantly alter ecosystem structure or function.

* Potential to occur in wetlands — obligative wetland species, facultative wetland species, or facultative species. Obligate wetland species almost always occur in wetlands. Facultative wetland species usually occur in wetlands (estimated probability 67 to 99 percent). Facultative species are equally likely to occur in wetlands or non-wetlands (estimated probability 34 to 66 percent).


Non-Native Plant List (Alphabetical Order)

Alphabetical non-native plant list for Yosemite National Park
Scientific NameCommon Name

Last updated: February 3, 2020

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