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Maintenance crews with snowmobiles groom a trail on frozen lake
Maintenance crews groom the snowmobile trail on Mukooda Lake

NPS Photo/Nevalainen

Winter Trails Conditions

Winter Trails Report for 1/27/2023

Voyageurs maintenance crews continue to check for adequate ice on snowmobile trails. The Purple trail, beginning at the junction of the Green trail located near Sha-Sha Point and extending East to Kettle Falls has now been staked. Additional trails will be open and staked once the minimum amount of ice has been measured, and conditions are safe for use. The Gold portage, Moose River Grade and Sullivan portage are now groomed and in good shape. The Yellow trail remains closed due to waterflow and decreasing ice thickness. Some previously slushy spots are healing up, while other areas are appearing in new locations. Please be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to all trail signage. Overall, the lake trails are very rough. Snow drifts and stretches of frozen slush ruts can be dangerous and can cause the machine to tip or throw off a rider. Use caution and slow down where appropriate. Remember, ice is never 100% safe so pay attention to signage and be aware of your surroundings.

Snowmobile Trails:
International Falls to Kettle Falls (Purple Trail) - Staked but not groomed
Rainy Lake/Black Bay to Kabetogama Lake to Ash River (Green Trail) -Open, Staked and groomed portages are nice but lake is rough going
Ash River to Crane Lake (Green Trail) - Open, Staked, not groomed
Chain of Lakes (Dashed Black Trail) - Open, staked and groomed
Ash River to Kettle Falls (Yellow Trail) - Not Open
East Namakan Lake to Sand Point Lake (Blue Trail) - Open, not groomed

Ice Roads:
Rainy Lake Ice Road - Not Open
Rainy Lake Dryweed Loop - Not Open
Kabetogama Lake Ice Road - Not Open
Kabetogama Lake Ice Road West and East Spur Roads - Not Open

staff completes trail work on snow covered trail in green forest
Park staff working on a portage trail

NPS Photo/Sather

Ski Trails:
Kabetogama Area:
Echo Bay Ski Trail - Open, packed, and tracked
Rainy Lake Area:
Rainy Lake Rec Trail - Open, packed, and tracked
Black Bay Ski Trail - First loop is open, packed and tracked. Figure 8 is open and packed. Ridge trail is not open.
Tilson Connector Trail - Open, packed, and tracked

Snowshoe Trails:
Rainy Lake Area:
Rainy Lake Recreation Trail - Open
Oberholtzer Trail - Open
Black Bay Beaver Pond Trail - Open
Ash River Area:
KabAsh Trail - Open
Blind Ash Bay Trail - Open
Sullivan Bay Trail - Open

Kabetogama Lake Recreation Area:
Sledding Hill - Not Open
Ice Rink - Not Open

For further information on land trails in communities surrounding the park check out these links:
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Ash River Kabetogama Snowdrifters - Ash River Kabetogama Snowdrifters Snowmobile Club.

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