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The Alabama Paleontological Society, Inc.

The purposes of the Alabama Paleontological Society are as follows:

  1. To promote cooperation between amateur and professional paleontologists and geologists to their mutual benefit, specifically relating to scientific research and education
  2. To educate the general public in areas of natural history relating to paleontology and geology
  3. To assist in endeavors relating to the preservation and conservation of paleontological sites or specimens.
  4. To engage in any other charitable, benevolent, or civic activities, or any lawful act or activity for which a corporation may be organized under the Act, provided that such act or activity is one permitted by an organization exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Code and the regulations promulgated thereunder (the Regulations).

American Geophysical Union

Our Mission: The purpose of the American Geophysical Union is to promote discovery in Earth and space science for the benefit of humanity.

Our Vision: AGU galvanizes a community of Earth and space scientists that collaboratively advances and communicates science and its power to ensure a sustainable future.

American Geosciences Institute

The American Geoscience Institute is a nonprofit federation of 46 geoscientific and professional associations that represents more than 120,000 geologists, geophysicists, and other earth scientists. Founded in 1948, AGI provides information services to geoscientists, serves as a voice of shared interests in our profession, plays a major role in strengthening geoscience education, and strives to increase public awareness of the vital role the geosciences play in society's use of resources, resilience to natural hazards, and the health of the environment.

Association for Women Geoscientists

The Association for Women Geoscientists exists to promote the professional development of its members, to provide geoscience outreach to girls, and to encourage women to become geoscientists.

Association of American State Geologists

The Association of American State Geologists (AASG) represents the State Geologists of the 50 United States and Puerto Rico. Founded in 1908, AASG seeks to advance the science and practical application of geology and related earth sciences in the United States and its territories, commonwealths, and possessions.

Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists

AEG is the acknowledged international leader in environmental and engineering geology, and is greatly respected for its stewardship of the profession. AEG offers information on environmental and engineering geology useful to practitioners, scientists, students, and the public. Other geosciences organizations recognize the value of using and sharing AEG's outstanding resources. AEG leads the profession in its advocacy for:

  • Legislation
  • Professional Licensure
  • Regulation
  • Codes and Standards

as each affects the practice of applied geosciences.

Association of National Park Rangers

ANPR is the responsible and credible voice of National Park Service workers. We defend and promote the stewardship of the vital natural, cultural and caretaker resources of the national parks through education, training, advocacy and public information.

Botanical Society of America, Paleobotanical Section

The Geological Society of America

The Geological Society of America, founded in 1888, is a scientific society with more than 22,000 members from academia, government, and industry in more than 95 countries. Through its meetings, publications, and programs, GSA enhances the professional growth of its members and promotes the geosciences in the service of humankind. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, GSA encourages cooperative research among earth, life, planetary, and social scientists, fosters public dialogue on geoscience issues, and supports all levels of earth science education.

Geological Society of London

The Geological Society of London is the UK's learned and professional body for Earth scientists. Founded in 1807, it is the oldest in the world and the largest in Europe, with nearly 10,000 members worldwide. The Society is a vital forum in which Earth scientists from a broad spectrum of disciplines can exchange ideas, and is renowned for its cutting edge scientific meetings and globally recognised Earth science publishing. It also plays an important role in the communication of geosciences to government, the media, students and the broader public.

Geological Society of Minnesota

The Geological Society of Minnesota is a public-spirited, nonprofit organization that has been in operation since 1938. Our ongoing mission has been to promote public interest and supply educational support in the geological sciences. We do this by: sponsoring free lectures and labs at the University of Minnesota, conducting statewide and regional field trips, holding classroom presentations for schools, maintaining a media library, publishing relevant information for public distribution, and maintaining and expanding upon a series of geological markers located throughout the state.

Geological Society of Washington

The Geological Society of Washington (GSW) was founded in 1893 to promote the increase and dissemination of geological knowledge. GSW provides a forum for geological interchange through a program of regularly scheduled formal talks, informal communications, opportunities to meet colleagues, field trips, and public service. Members represent a wide cross-section of the local geologic community including geoscientists from federal (U.S.Geological Survey, NASA, NSF, military, DOE, EPA) and state government, Congress, Carnegie Institution of Washington, local universities, museums, consulting firms, earth science educators, and others interested in the geological sciences. Guests are welcome.

George Wright Society

The George Wright Society advances the scientific and heritage values of parks and protected areas. The Society promotes professions research and resource stewardship across natural and cultural resource disciplines, provides avenues of communication, and encourages public policies that embrace these values.

Indiana Earth Science Teachers Association

The Indiana Earth Science Teachers Association was created for the advancement of Earth Science education at all levels. This is accomplished by sharing lesson plans and lab activities, state-wide field trips, and interacting with fellow educators. The IESTA is satellite organization of the Hoosier Association of Science Teachers, Inc., and meets every February at the state convention in Indianapolis, IN.

International Palaeontological Association

The aim of the International Palaeontological Association is to promote and coordinate international cooperation in palaeontology, including palaeobotany and palaeozoology of all geological periods, and to encourage the integration and synthesis of all palaeontological knowledge. The I.P.A. was founded in Washington, D.C., U.S.A., in July, 1933 during the 16th Session of the International Geological Congress.

Michigan Earth Science Teachers Association

MESTA began almost 50 years ago, in 1967 as an organization to promote Earth science education from kindergarten through college. It is and always has been an organization of "teachers helping teachers". A conference is held each year with both field and classroom sessions available. Events including Rock Shop, Free and Inexpensive, and the Rock Raffle at these conferences have gotten inexpensive classroom rock and mineral specimens into countless student hands over the past decades.

National Association of Black Geoscientists

The NABGG was organized to: - Inform students of career opportunities that exist in the field of Geosciences - Encourage them to take advantage of scholarship programs, grant, loans, etc., that are established for minority students. - Give financial support to students pursuing degrees in Geology and Geophysics. - Follow the educational careers of the scholarship recipients. - Aid minority students in the search for summer employment and aid corporate members interested in obtaining summer employees for positions that will enhance the students' background and marketability. - Allow minority geologists and geophysicists to establish professional and inter-company relationships - Assist in the development of professional standards and practices of members within their geoscience careers and entrepreneurial pursuits.

National Association of Geoscience Teachers

The National Association of Geoscience Teachers works to raise the quality of and emphasis on teaching the geosciences at all levels. We count among our members K-12 teachers and college and university faculty as well as educators working with the general public through outlets such as museums and science centers. NAGT's purpose is to foster improvement in the teaching of the earth sciences at all levels of formal and informal instruction, to emphasize the cultural significance of the earth sciences, and to disseminate knowledge in this field to the general public.

National Earth Science Teachers Association

The National Earth Science Teachers Association is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational organization, founded in 1983, whose mission is to facilitate and advance excellence in Earth and Space Science education.

National Science Teachers Association

The Arlington, VA-based National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) is the largest professional organization in the world promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all. NSTA's current membership includes more than 60,000 science teachers, science supervisors, administrators, scientists, business and industry representatives, and others involved in science education.

Natural Science Collections Alliance

The Natural Science Collections Alliance is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit association that supports natural science collections, their human resources, the institutions that house them, and their research activities for the benefit of science and society. Its members are part of an international community of museums, botanical gardens, herbariums, universities and other institutions that house natural science collections and utilize them in research, exhibitions, academic and informal science education, and outreach activities. Membership in the NSC Alliance links natural science collections to a network of institutions, scientists and other professionals in North America and provides institutions with an opportunity to share news, information and common concerns - and help shape the future of our community.

New Jersey Earth Science Teachers Association

The New Jersey Earth Science Teachers Association is a nonprofit educational organization, founded in 1985, whose purpose is the advancement, stimulation, extension, improvement, and coordination of Earth Science education at all educational levels in New Jersey.

The New Mexico Science Teachers Association (NMSTA)

Organization Mission (who we are): The New Mexico Science Teachers Association (NMSTA) is dedicated to providing a network for educators throughout the state to work collaboratively towards improving science education from early childhood through college. We promote excellence in science education by advocation, networking, and professional development.

North Dakota Geological Society

The main goal of the ND Geological Society is to increase the awareness of geology and earth science in the everyday lives of people. We provide educational materials to schools, sponsor educational events, and have provided help or funding to many special projects throughout the state.

Pennsylvania Earth Science Teachers Association

We at PAESTA are extremely dedicated to not only providing resources to our K-12 teacher members, but we want to help promote and elevate respect and awareness of Earth science teaching and learning, calling more attention to the importance of our discipline. One of our activities is encouraging and promoting events taking place in Pennsylvania during Earth Science Week, including National Fossil Day.

Our mission is to facilitate and advance excellence in Earth and Space science education across the state of Pennsylvania. Vision statement: The Pennsylvania Earth Science Teachers Association will create a strong and active community of Pennsylvania educators working together to elevate the understanding of and respect towards the Earth and Space sciences as a discipline.

Paleobotanical Section of Botanical Society of America

The Paleobotanical Section of Botanical Society of America was founded in 1934-1936, making it the oldest organization of Paleobotanists in the world. It is open to anyone interested in fossil plants and seeks to promote paleobotany science and scientists in many ways. At the annual meeting of the Botanical Society of America, the Paleobotanical Section maintains an active program of contributed papers, symposia, workshops and fieldtrips, and provides a forum for exchange of ideas among its members. It also gives out several awards to support excellent science in paleobotany and related fields. The annual Bibliography of American Paleobotany is published by the Section and contains the recent research publications of its members. The Paleobotanical Section is a member society of American Geological Institute and is also affiliated with the International Organization of Paleobotany.

The Palaeontological Association

The Palaeontological Association is a not-for-profit society that publishes the results of research on fossils from all over the world, and which has approximately 1,200 members from 49 different countries.

The Paleontological Society

The Paleontological Society is an international nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to the advancement of the science of paleontology through the dissemination of research by publication and meetings.

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists is a nonprofit organization whose purposes are to promote interest in geology and allied sciences and their practical application, to foster scientific research and to encourage fellowship and cooperation among its members.

SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology)

SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology) is an international not-for-profit Society based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Through its network of international members, the Society is dedicated to the dissemination of scientific information on sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleontology, environmental sciences, marine geology, hydrogeology, and many additional related specialties.

Society of Vertebrate Paleontology

Founded in 1940, the society now has more than 2,300 members representing professionals, students, artists, preparators, and others interested in vertebrate paleontology. The society is organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes. The object of the society is to advance the science of vertebrate paleontology and to serve the common interests and facilitate the cooperation of all persons concerned with the history, evolution, comparative anatomy, and taxonomy of vertebrate animals, as well as field occurrence, collection, and study of fossil vertebrates and the stratigraphy of the beds in which they are found. The society is also concerned with the conservation and preservation of fossil sites.

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