Unimaginable Change

Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, explosions, fires. All disasters of a national scale with effects on people, ecosystems, and infrastructure in and around our national parks. The National Park Service and other government organizations often play a vital role in recovery efforts. The changes bring people together as a nation. The National Park Service preserves the stories of communities who persevere. Discover events that have changed our lives.


Map of national parks across the United States
Park Stories

Find parks that tell the story of the effects of natural disasters on American communities.

Park ranger looking at radar image of hurricane on television
Hurricane & Severe Weather Response

Discover timely updates about NPS response activities and links to specific information about parks that are involved.

Smoke rises from fires on a forested bluff
Wildland Fire

Learn how and why the National Park Service manages wildland fire.

Last updated: September 11, 2018