Alerts & Conditions

Park map showing trail network with red lines at trail junctions that are closed
The Totem Trail is open for day use, 7 am to 7 pm. The Russian Memorial Loop and Riverview Trail are closed at all times. Red lines indicate places where trails are currently closed during the day.  (9-14-21)

Temporary Trail Closures

Bear activity has increased as salmon continue to enter Indian River. Under the park's new Bear Management Plan, alerts will be posted at trailheads and certain trails will be closed based on reports of bear observations or encounters. Please respect these limited closures when you see a trail is posted as “Closed.”


COVID Safety Measures

While Sitka is experiencing elevated levels of COVID transmission, occupancy is limited in park facilities. You may be asked to wait before entering the visitor center or Russian Bishop's House, especially if you arrive in a large group. Recommendations for things to do outside, a self-guided tour of the Totem Trail, and the park film are all available in the park app. It's a great resource for people with limited time in the park who want to spend more time exploring and less time waiting in line.


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