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Fence lizard

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Amphibians & Reptiles
Amphibians and reptiles are largely the unseen wildlife of the Presidio. Most species in these groups are uncommon or rare, and snake sightings are almost unheard of. Reptiles are most commonly found in the forest or coastal scrub, although several species are found in riparian habitats or near ponds, where many of the amphibians are found.
Elk in field
Elk not in park.

If you were here 300 years ago, you wouldn't believe all the cool mammals roaming around the Presidio. The Europeans changed everything when they hunted with guns. Then the settlers replaced the dune scrub with non-native grazing grass for their domestic herds. As if that wasn't enough, a city eventually bumped up against the Presidio. That did it. All the Grizzly Bears, Tule Elk and even the deer disappeared. Instead, familiar small urban mammals like raccoons and skunks abound. However, gray foxes are still holding out and even the coyote is back in the park. Please help protect these animals by not feeding them!


The Presidio has one of the most diverse bird populations of any urban park in the world, with over 200 species. This diversity is possible because of its variety of different habitats, from the open ocean to the protected bay. We have tidal marshes, coastal scrub, grasslands and mixed woodlands. Since the Presidio lies on a major bird migratory route along the West Coast, it is a welcome stop-over for birds coming in from as far away as the Arctic and South America. This combination of factors makes the Presidio a birders paradise with different species to see throughout the year.

Last updated: January 30, 2019

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