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Note for 2024 season: The Chilkoot Trail (recently designated a National Historical Trail in December of 2022), is open for day use only on the U.S. side for the first 4 miles of the trail in Historic Dyea. The Chilkoot Trailhead Parking area in Dyea allows for parking and access to the trailhead for day use hiking this summer. 

With the new section of trail open as far as mile 4.0, visitors should have about a 7-hour roundtrip day-use experience this summer. The upper portion of the Chilkoot Trail on the U.S. side has no public access past mile 4 due to a major washout onto private property. Severe flood damage sustained in September and October 2022 destroyed two major bridges along the Taiya River, and washed-out or displaced other bridges,campsites, trail tread and visitor amenities. Additional work both on the trail and with local landowners is needed before the park can allow the public to access the entire length of the Chilkoot Trail to the Canadian border. 

The National Park Service continues repairs on the trail along the lower Taiya watershed as park staff rebuild bridges and infrastructure after the severe flooding last fall on the U.S. side of the trail. 

Overnight camping on the U.S. side of the Chilkoot Trail will not be permitted for the 2024 hiking season. 

While travel through the U.S. side of the Chilkoot Trail remains closed due to repairs for 2024, the Chilkoot Trail north of the pass which lies entirely in Canada is open this summer and is accessible from Bennett, the northern trailhead for the Chilkoot Trail. 

There is no road to Bennett and access is limited to train, air charter, or boat only. Accessing Bennett via the train tracks is not allowed. Please contact carriers directly to arrange your travel logistics. Bring a communication device (satellite messenger, satellite phone, or other non-cellular device) to communicate with your carrier from Bennett at the end of your hike. There is no cellular service anywhere within the Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site, including Bennett. Parks Canada Chilkoot Trail Information

The Canadian side of the trail is open to permitted hiking and camping through Canada only via the Parks Canada Reservation Line (1-800-661.0486 Canada and U.S./ 1-867-667-3910 overseas). 

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This short video brings to light the common risks and challenges that hikers may encounter on the trail. If you are interested in hiking the Chilkoot Trail check out this video to see if you are up to the challenge. Happy Trails.


Step-by-step planning guide

Permits are needed:

  • for overnight hiking June 1 - September 13, even if you are not crossing the border
  • for any day trip with travel in Canada, this includes trail runners doing the entire trail in one day

Reservations for summer 2022 begin April 25, 2022. Learn how to get a permit.

  • review how to Leave No Trace on the Chilkoot Trail
  • pack all of your hiking and camping gear
  • become bear aware, learn about bear safety on the trail
  • review the park's Laws & Policies. Remember, it is illegal to possess or use marijuana and other controlled substances inside a National Park Service unit
  • check the latest Chilkoot Trail conditions report, including current weather at some locations
  • pick up your permit and check in at the Trail Center in Skagway, located on Broadway between 5th and 6th Avenues. During permit season trail orientations, conducted at the Trail Center, are mandatory. Please allow approximately 30 minutes for an orientation. Everyone hiking must attend, not just the permit holder. Day runners need to pick up their permit a day in advance or before noon the day they want to start.

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Last updated: February 21, 2024

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