Taking the Pulse of the Parks

The Northeast Temperate Network (NETN) helps its 13 member parks better understand the health of their biological communities (forests, birds, etc), waters, and other natural resources through long-term monitoring and periodic inventories. Our mission is to collect, manage, and translate high quality information about the condition of natural resources so that our national parks can make better-informed management decisions. This information is also valuable for supporting research projects, providing educational opportunities, and promoting better public understanding of park natural resources.

The Northeast Temperate Network is one of 32 Inventory & Monitoring networks across the country that are developing a strong scientific foundation for stewardship and management of natural resources throughout the National Park System. In this way, we help fulfill the National Park Service's mission of conserving our national treasures for future generations.

Monitoring methods in coastal, forest, and lake communities in NETN parks
Our Science

Many methods are employed to inventory and monitor a diverse array of natural communities within our parks.

Last updated: February 15, 2022