Explore the iconic places in Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.

Many spots in Harpers Ferry are considered cultural landscapes. To learn more about these special places, visit the Cultural Landscapes of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.

  • Slab of rock upheld by four pillars at a mountainous overlook
    Jefferson Rock

    The location Jefferson called "worth a voyage across the Atlantic."

  • Rectangular brick building with three arched entrances and a white central cupola
    John Brown's Fort

    The Armory fire engine and guard house that became the site of John Brown's last stand.

  • Metal boat frame surrounded by rope in a walled grassy area
    United States Armory

    Site of the second United States Armory, where workers produced 600,000 military rifles and muskets over 60 years.

  • Two perpendicular rectangular areas marked with low walls in a grassy area
    United States Arsenal

    The federal government constructed two arsenal buildings at Harpers Ferry to store weapons produced at the armory.

  • Wide river in between wooded hills, with ruins of bridge supports emerging from the water
    The Point

    Where the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers meet and three states come together.

  • View through an arched brick and stone structure to a river at sunset
    Virginius Island

    A center point of industry and innovation in Harpers Ferry.

  • View of a wooded ridge in winter, covered in ice and snow
    Loudoun Heights

    Occupied by both sides during the Civil War and key point in the September 1862 Battle of Harpers Ferry.

  • Pedestrian bridge across a river  connecting to a rocky cliff face
    Maryland Heights

    This mountain is steep, rugged, and primitive - with a thick veneer of Civil War history.

  • Stone pillars hold iron gates that open onto a brick walkway through a wooded campus
    Camp Hill

    This hilltop transformed from a barren Civil War landscape to the home of an African American institution of higher education.

  • Two cannons rest in a grassy field dotted by trees, with mountains in the distance
    Bolivar Heights

    Bolivar Heights witnessed more battle action than any other location at Harpers Ferry.

  • Split rail fencing runs alongside a dirt road through a grassy field
    Schoolhouse Ridge

    Schoolhouse Ridge witnessed the Battle of Harpers Ferry, September 12-15, 1862.

  • Two story house at the edge of a grassy field, with mountains in the distance
    Murphy-Chambers Farm

    The 1895-1909 site of John Brown's Fort and the Niagara Movement's 1906 pilgrimage.

  • Two story brick structure with double porches
    Lockwood House

    Armory Paymaster's residence, Civil War hospital, Union garrison and campaign headquarters, and school for formerly enslaved men and women.

Last updated: June 15, 2022

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