Walking in Washington's Footsteps

In the heart of the Northern Neck of Virginia stands a tribute to America’s founding father, George Washington. Although only here a short time, the ideas that Washington learned here, helped shape the man he would become and forever alter the destiny of the United States of America.

The Historic Area as it appeared from the air in 1933

George Washington Birthplace From Above

View of the Memorial House Museum, Colonial Kitchen, and Colonial Revival Garden as it appeared from the air in 1933

Every year the park has a variety of special events that it showcases.

Special Events at the Park

Members of the Rappahannock tribe highlight their heritage at the birthplace of George Washington.

Our two heritage breed oxen looking for a handout

Heritage Breed Livestock

These are Red Devon oxen, descended from the stock the Washington's used in the 18th century. They would have served as plow animals.

Freezing Temperatures at Popes Creek Plantation

Frozen Popes Creek

Virginia freezing in winter? Yep, sometimes it does and this is what it looks like.

Eagles hanging around the park visitor center

Wildlife at the Birthplace

What more appropriate sight than to see bald eagles at the birthplace of George Washington?

Last updated: July 26, 2019

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