The Village

Artists rendering of a bird's-eye view of the east end of the Village looking east to west. Image includes several buildings, dirt roads, and figures.

The significance of the workforce employed by Fort Vancouver has often been overlooked, and so have the grounds they inhabited.

Fort Vancouver could not have fulfilled its role as the headquarters of the Columbia Department without its employees.

These workers did not live inside the stockade, as the officers and higher-ranking company employees did. Instead, Fort Vancouver had a distinct area for the living quarters of its lower-ranked employees known as "the Village."

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Visiting the Village

Today, the Land Bridge Trail in the western half of the national park passes through the location of the Village. Two Village houses have been reconstructed. While they are generally closed to the public except for special events, nearby outdoor exhibit panels help to interpret these buildings. Download a map of the park here.


History of the Fort Vancouver Village

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    Last updated: March 29, 2019

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