Superintendent's Compendium

Superintendent’s Compendium of Designations, Closures, Permit Requirements and Other Restrictions Imposed Under Discretionary Authority.

Approved: Rick Slade, Superintendent, May 16, 2024

In accordance with regulations and the delegated authority provided in Title 36, Code of Federal Regulations (“36 CFR”), Chapter 1, Parts 1-7, authorized by Title 16 United States Code, Section 3, the following provisions apply to all lands and waters administered by the National Park Service, within the boundaries of Catoctin Mountain Park. Unless otherwise stated, these regulatory provisions apply in addition to the requirements contained in 36 CFR, Chapter 1, Parts 1-7.

Written determinations, which explain the reasoning behind the Superintendent’s use of discretionary authority, as required by Section 1.5(c), appear in this document, identified by italicized print.

In addition to the park website, signed copies of the Superintendent's Compendium for Catoctin Mountain Park are available at the park headquarters, from any Law Enforcement Ranger, email, or via a written request for a physical copy at:

Catoctin Mountain Park
6602 Foxville Road
Thurmont, MD 21788



Part 1 General Provisions


Part 2 General Regulations


Part 3 Vehicles & Traffic Safety


Part 4 Commercial & Private Operations



Appendix 1- A map of Catoctin Mountain Park with the middle third marked AREA CLOSED
Appendix 1- USSS Closure Map


two additional demonstration areas, visitor center gravel lot picnic area and picnic area near Lewis property
Appendix 2- Demonstration Areas A, B



Last updated: May 22, 2024

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