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  • Park rangers are available during park hours at 619-523-4285 to answer questions about the park and provide Junior Ranger activities as requested.
  • Visitors should come prepared to pack out their own trash, and bring enough food and water for their group.
  • The road to the tidepools may be closed if the area hits capacity in order to maintain conditions appropriate for social distancing. The road to the tidepool area will be closed (usually around 30 minutes) until sufficient capacity in the parking areas becomes available. This temporary closure of the road allows for traffic to flow freely and allows a more pleasant experience for the visitor by reducing the number of people and reducing the damage to the fragile ecosystem. Please plan your trips to allow for this delay, and thank you for your patience.
The word "Approval" is followed by a digital signature by Andrea Compton. Beneath the signature is a thin, black horizontal line, and beneath that is the word "Superintendent." To the right of the signature, 12/31/2020 is displayed over the word "Date."
Superintendent Andrea Compton's signature approving Closure Order #20-003 for Cabrillo National Monument on December 31, 2020

Cabrillo Sea Cave Closed

The Cabrillo Sea Cave is located within a closed area of the park. The Sea Cave and nearby area have been closed since the 1980s due to extremely dangerous conditions and to comply with the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Entry into this area is not permitted at any time. Violators are subject to federal fines and sentencing.

Marine mammals use this area and are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Approaching and/or disturbing marine mammals (i.e., seals and sea lions) and their young is not allowed. Doing so is a violation of the Act, and violators are subject to fines and sentencing.

The cave was created by sudden and catastrophic sandstone erosion and rock falls. Periodic bluff collapse is constant along the California coast. To avoid injury, stay back from cliff edges and do not walk under overhangs or along the base of escarpment faces.

Trash Free Park sign

Cabrillo National Monument is a smoke-free and trash-free park.

Cabrillo National Monument is a smoke-free park. All areas of the park are closed to smoking, which includes tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and vaping.

In November 2010, the park became "trash-free" with the removal of 95% of the garbage cans and recycling bins from the grounds. Please help us maintain our "trash-free" park by packing out whatever you bring in.


Last updated: April 19, 2024

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