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Aztec Ruins has some of the best-preserved Chacoan structures of its kind. Learn more about the ancestral Pueblo people in the park's museum and explore the Aztec West great house to see exceptionally advanced architecture, original wooden beams, and a restored Great Kiva. Aztec Ruins is a deeply sacred place to many Indigenous peoples across the American Southwest. Please visit with respect.

Aerial photo of the Aztec West great house showing rooms, kivas, and keyhole shaped Great Kiva.
Exploring Aztec Ruins

Aztec Ruins is a unique ancestral Pueblo site located near downtown Aztec, NM. Learn more about how to spend your time here.

A close up photo of sandstone blocks with a strip of green sandstone blocks in the middle.
Basic Information

Familiarize yourself with the basic information of the park, including operating hours, directions, and typical weather conditions.

A Pueblo dancer wearing traditional regalia and antlers dancing in the Aztec West plaza.
Event Calendar

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Narrowleaf Yucca in the foreground and a forest in the background.
Pet Policy

Understand the pet policy at Aztec Ruins before visiting.

A paved path leading up to the Aztec West Great Kiva under a blue sky.

Aztec Ruins is committed to providing meaningful experiences to people of all abilities. Learn more about park accessibility.

An NPS Volunteer looking into a telescope outside of the visitor center.

Get involved at the park through volunteer efforts!

Last updated: April 6, 2024

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