Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where's the agate?
    James Cook named his ranch "Agate Spring Ranch" possibly after the local moss agate. Examples of the local agate can be seen in the Visitor Center, but are not a prominent feature of the park.
  • Can I see real fossils?
    Several fossils can be found in exhibits along some of the monument's trails. Exhibits in the visitor center contain a few real fossils and many plastic resin replicas.
  • Are they still digging?
    There are no actual excavations currently happening or planned. Museums already contain many fossils taken from this site for further study.
  • What if I find a fossil?
    This is a national monument, so all animals, plants, and rocks (including fossils) are protected by law and cannot be removed or harmed.
  • What about rattlesnakes?
    Prairie rattlesnakes are a normal part of grasslands found at Agate. They are rarely seen and normally try to avoid humans, but encounters do happen.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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