The Siege of Vicksburg

Having cut off Vicksburg from Jackson, General Grant had isolated Vicksburg from the rest of the Confederacy. Eager to take Vicksburg and secure the Mississippi River for the Union, General Grant began to plan for massive, traditional assaults on the Confederate defenses.

The Confederate Army under General Pemberton had over a year to prepare for attack. Using picks and shovels, the Confederates constructed a ring of earthen forts and earthworks, focusing around the 3 main roads into the city of Vicksburg. Over 170 cannon were placed throughout the earthworks, and substantial stockpiles of munitions and cannonballs awaited the arriving Union Army.

The Battle for Vicksburg would be unlike any other in American History, and its outcome would not only determine the fate of the Civil War, but propel a relatively unknown Union general into the national spotlight.

Last updated: February 1, 2018

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