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Valley Forge National Historical Park is nationally significant as the site of the 1777-78 winter encampment of the Continental Army under General George Washington. Few places evoke the spirit of patriotism and independence, represent individual and collective sacrifice, or demonstrate the resolve, tenacity and determination of the people of the United States to be free as well as Valley Forge.

The historic landscapes, structures, objects, and archeological and natural resources at Valley Forge are tangible links to one of the most defining events in our nation's history. Here the Continental Army under Washington's leadership emerged as a cohesive and disciplined fighting force. The Valley Forge experience is fundamental to both American history and American myth, and remains a source of inspiration for Americans and the world.

Overview of the History and Significance of Valley Forge
History and Significance

Learn about the history and significance of Valley Forge.

The outside of a two level building with a sign that reads Visitor Center at Valley Forge.

Explore the park buildings, structures and monuments.

Gen. Washington with left hand on chin.

Information on the people who served during the Valley Forge encampment.

The inside cover of the American Revolution Handbook, with a photograph of snow at Valley Forge
The American Revolution Handbook

The Official National Park Service Handbook features essays, photos, and timelines to explore the American Revolution.

Cover Image of Administrative History Book
Administrative History of Valley Forge

An official National Park Service history of the park by Harlan Unrau.

Map Of Valley Forge
Museum Collections

Explore various collections of pictures, books, documents, and artifacts.

1915 photograph from the archives of Valley Forge NHP
Valley Forge Archives

The archives consist of textual material, photographs several all formats, microfilm, audio/video materials, and maps, plans and drawings.


Quick Reference

This timeline of the Revolutionary War (PDF 56.72 KB) includes events from 1763 to 1783.

The British Campaign for Philadelphia and the Occupation of Valley Forge in 1777 (PDF 40.97 KB) explores the Philadelphia Campaign from the British perspective.

For more online references, please visit our Documents and Publications page.


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