Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items
Guns, knives, or ammunition
Unmanned aerial systems (drones)
Glass containers
Explosives or fireworks

Celebrating Independence Day in the nation's capital can be an exciting experience. Some items are prohibited at national parks in the DC area during July 4th events to make it a safe one too. Check back for any additional information and updates. Find more information to plan your visit, including safety tips, closures, and things to know before you go.

Visitors will be screened at all entrance points to the National Mall. All coolers, backpacks, packages, and persons will be subject to inspection.

  • No grills, alcohol, glass containers, or personal fireworks are permitted on National Park Service property

  • Launching, landing, or operating unmanned or remote controlled aircraft on National Park Service property is strictly prohibited.

  • Personal tents that block other visitors’ views and tents that require stakes are prohibited on the National Mall and along the George Washington Memorial Parkway.

  • Due to limited space on the Washington Monument grounds, visitors are asked to refrain from recreational activities (e.g.–volleyball, badminton, etc.).

  • It is strongly recommend that pets be left at home.

  • Possession of firearms in national parks is prohibited, governed by federal as well as local law, which may vary depending on the jurisdiction in which the national park is located. All visitors should be aware of and follow applicable firearms laws of the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • There is no parking allowed in the lanes of, or the grassy areas adjacent to, the George Washington Memorial Parkway at any time.

  • The full list of prohibited items includes:

    • Alcoholic Beverages

    • Aerosols

    • Ammunition

    • Balloons

    • Explosives

    • Firearms

    • Fireworks

    • Glass containers

    • Laser Pointers

    • Mace/Pepper Spray

    • Structures (folding tables, chairs, tents, etc.)

    • Supports for signs

    • Unmanned Aerial System (Drones, Remote Control Aircraft)

    • Weapons of Any Kind

    • Any other item determined to be a potential hazard

      *Packages are permissable, but subject to inspection
  • Leave pets at home

  • Travel by Metro

  • Bring plenty of water

  • Recycle

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Title: July 4th - Prohibited Items
Text and Images: The following items are prohibited at all access points:
Symbol of a handgun crossed out with text "No Guns, Knives, or Ammunition"
Symbol of a drone crossed out with text "No Unmanned Aerial Systems"
Symbol of a wine bottle and glass crossed out with text "No Alcohol"
Symbol of a broken bottle crossed out with text "No Glass containers"
Symbol of a firecracker crossed out with text "No Explosives or Fireworks"

Symbol of a dog on a leash with text "Leave Pets at Home
Symbol of the Letter "M" with text "Please Use Metro"
Symbol of a glass of water with text: Bring Plenty of Water
Recycling symbol with text "Please Recycle"
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