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Almost every place in the country has a history of immigrants arriving or passing through on a journey to build a new life in what is now the United States. Many of these stories are preserved in national parks across the country and communities through National Park Service programs and partnerships.

Whether going in person or virtually, explore places that tell the complex history of immigration or give a glimpse into the lives of immigrants throughout our nation’s history.

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Parks and Related Areas

Find national parks and related areas that preserve parts of the complex history of immigration in the United States.

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Things to Do and Trip Ideas

Plan your next adventure and explore the different things you can do at a park to learn more about the history of immigration.

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Virtual Tours and Experiences

Explore ways to engage with parks from home, to learn more about the history of immigration.

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Historic Places

Discover historic properties, including buildings, sites, and districts, that explore the history of immigration and immigrants.

Last updated: May 5, 2022