Blindness or Low Vision

The Statue of Liberty Museum from the grounds of Liberty Island.
Learn the Statue of Liberty's story in the museum.

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Statue of Liberty Museum

Located past the Information Center on the left, the Statue of Liberty Museum is accessible by two ramps, located on either side of the building, or one flight of stairs. The museum includes a narrated, ten-minute movie, three interactive galleries and restrooms all located on one level. Throughout the museum, visitors can use the self-guided audio tour which is available with headsets and volume control. A descriptive audio tour is also available for visitors who are blind or with low vision. There are several tactile displays within the museum for visitors to touch. The park brochure audio-described text for the Statue of Liberty National Monument is available as a word document. There is a Braille Ready Park Brochure available to use.

Braille Version of Park Brochure (Braille Ready Format .brf)
Please note, .brf files require software and access to a Braille printer or reader to make use of this file.
A park ranger gives an interpretive tour on Liberty Island to a group of visitors.
A ranger presenting a tour on Liberty Island.

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Ranger Programs

All ranger programs strive to engage multiple senses and learning styles, and often include audio components and/or tactile objects. Ranger-led tours are offered year-round, and are outside on the grounds of Liberty Island; which has brick walkways. There is little elevation change, and some walkways slope slightly. Most walkways are a minimum of ten feet (10') in width.
Audio Tour kiosk on Liberty Island.
Pick-up your self-guided Audio Tour on Liberty Island.

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Audio Tours

An audio tour program is available in a variety of languages. It includes historical accounts on the construction and design of the Statue of Liberty. The audio tour program can be used as a guided tour around the perimeter of the monument, and as a narrative to artifacts located within the museum. Audio descriptive tours created specifically for the blind and visually-impaired are available free of charge from the pavilion located near the Liberty Island Information Center.
Tactile Statue of Liberty
A tactile Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island is in the lobby of the monument.

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Inside the Monument

Visitors with pedestal reservations will have access to various levels of the pedestal. Visitors with crown reservations will have access to the various levels of the pedestal and to the crown of the statue. While visiting the Statue of Liberty, emergency warnings and fire alarms are equipped with strobe (flashing) lights. For a detailed description of how to navigate within the monument, visit our Physical Mobility within the Pedestal page. If you are traveling with a service animal, please visit our Service Animals page.


Last updated: September 18, 2023

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