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Postcard of Saint Paul's Church
Detroit Publishing Company postcard of Saint Paul's Church, circa 1903- 1904


Visiting Saint Paul's Church is a journey back in time with many stories of how the site, and surrounding area, has changed over the years.

Let us lead you back through history!

Saint Paul's Church is located what is currently known as the city of Mount Vernon, New York. The area was originally established as the village of Eastchester in the mid 1660's. The church on these grounds was constructed between 1763 and 1787. Visitors are able to tour both the church and the cemetery, and it is recommended that they view a short, introductory film depicting the history of the site and view exhibits in the museum. Among notable individuals buried in the churchyard are one of the Army surgeons (Dr. Charles S. Taft) who attended President Lincoln at Ford's Theater in 1865, a leading Broadway actress (Minnie DuPree) of the early 20th century, a prominent Hudson River School landscape painter (Edward Gay), and Rebecca Turner, a woman born into slavery in 1781, who achived freedom in 1810 and lived in the shadows of the church until age 93 -- a local elmentary school has been re-named in her honor

Admission to the site and tours are free of charge. Reservations for group tours, including school groups should be made prior to visiting the site. Pets and firearms are not permitted on the site.

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