Liberty of Conscience

"I acknowledge that to molest any person, Jew or Gentile, for either professing doctrine, or practicing worship meerly religious or spiritual, is to persecute him, and such a person (whether his doctrine or practice be true or false) suffers persecution for conscience."
-Roger Williams, 1644

Banished by the English and saved by the First Peoples, Roger Williams founded Providence here in 1636. Read More

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A chess board with one lone bishop sits next to the title, Roger in Context Season 2
Roger In Context: Season 2

Roger Williams challenges The Opponent to a "friendly" game of chess

Artist's depiction of the early Providence settlement
The World of Roger Williams

Learn about the political, social, and religious changes that shaped Roger Williams's worldview.

Roger Williams signature
Who was Roger Williams?

Explore the life of one of America's earliest founders

black and white image of the Hahn Memorial with the RI statehouse in the background
The Hahn Memorial, a Jewish Legacy

We celebrate the gift of Roger Williams Spring Park by Judge Jerome Hahn in honor of his father, Isaac Hahn

The US Constitution original copy
Roger Williams's Influence on US

The Separation of Church and State

Photograph of the title page of the Holy Qu'ran
Islam and Roger Williams

Explore Roger's writings, ideas, and influence on our religious freedoms.

A view of the historic well and homes behind it.

Learn more about Roger Williams and other influential people of his time.

Arial view of Providence and the National Memorial

Explore some places relating to Roger Williams

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