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Hiking in spring in RMNP often includes crossing snow.
Spring Hiking in RMNP Often Involves Snow

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Longs Peak: View the Longs Peak Conditions Report

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Trail Closures

East Troublesome and Cameron Peak Fire Closures

  • Some park trails and areas remain closed due to fire impacts. Park staff will continue to assess these areas for safety and downed trees, being mindful of high winds that occur this time of year causing more trees to fall. Learn more here.

Trail Conditions

RMNP Trail Conditions Report as of June 21, 2022

Many trails above about 10,000 feet are snowy, and traction devices and hiking poles are helpful (elevations vary depending on exposure). Conditions can change rapidly so plan ahead and be prepared.

Any Time of Year: Choose Your Destination Wisely. Always tell someone where you’re going, where you will be parked, what your intended route is, when you plan to be back home; and then let them know when you return.

Approximately 30,000 acres or 10 percent of RMNP has been impacted by the East Troublesome and Cameron Peak Fires. Some park trails remain temporarily closed due to the level of fire impacts and ongoing safety assessments. This website is updated as trails reopen. Please see the link above

A link to the Longs Peak Conditions Report is above, including information on the Keyhole Route Conditions, plus conditions to hike to Chasm Lake.


6/20/2022 Sandbeach Lake Trail
No trees down on the trail, and the trail is snow-free.
By a Park Ranger

6/19/2022 Chasm Lake
Expect winter mountaineering conditions in places, so be prepared. Traction devices and trekking poles are recommended at this time. Visitors who did not have foot traction or poles slipped dramatically and almost slid down the dangerous slope, convincing observers that traction was a good idea for the traverse. The trail to Chasm Lake is largely clear, with a few small snowfields remaining close to treeline, Chasm Crossing, and the final ascent to Chasm Lake. The snowfields in Chasm Crossing are steep and the path cut into them is very narrow, wide enough for one foot in front of the other. The snow continues to be very soft and slushy and there is a lot of water running through the meadows. The final ascent up to Chasm Lake has a small snowfield. The snowfield does have large stretches of ice on it. The lake itself is mostly melted out, as well as snowfields around the lake.
By a Park Ranger

6/18/2022 Finch Lake Trail
Visitor reported that the trail is mostly snow-free heading up to Finch Lake and mostly melted out around the lake itself. Still significant snow past Finch heading toward Pear Lake.
By a Visitor

6/16/2022 Ute Trail West Side
The Ute Trail still has deep snow near Milner Pass. It is not easy or comfortable for an unprepared hiker.
By a Park Ranger

6/15/2022 Bear Lake to Odessa Lake
Still lots of snow. The section between Notchtop and Odessa was still very slick and snow-covered. Said it was the "scariest" part of the trip.
By a Visitor

6/15/2022 Sky Pond
Hiked to Sky Pond via Alberta Falls and The Loch. In the Sky Pond area, the main challenges are the approximately 200-yard snow slope coming out of the trees and going up to Timberline Falls, and the scramble up the rocks and gulley beside the Falls. Even with Microspikes, the snow slope was hard-packed and very slippery. Ranger was very happy to have spikes and poles. Visitors need to be very careful on the snow slope, the rocks in the outflow from the Falls, and on the scramble up beside the Falls, or be happy turning around at this point.
By a Park Ranger

6/15/2022 Lake Haiyaha
The trail from the Loch-Mills Junction over to Lake Haiyaha has snow sections off-and-on the whole way, and part of the rocky final section in to Lake Haiyaha by the “Grandmother Tree” is flooded with water. The trail back to Dream Lake is totally snow-free except for the switchbacks just above Dream Lake. The main remaining challenge is the section going up from Dream Lake to the first switchback. The snow on the trail in this area is very deep, steep, and slippery; it would still be quite challenging for the general visitor, especially without traction devices.
By a Park Ranger

6/15/2022 Lake Helene
In the Lake Helene area, around the corner at Joe Mills Mountain toward Odessa Lake the gully / snow slope is still potentially quite dangerous for the general visitor to be traversing. Visitors reported observing someone traverse it and believed that crossing the gully was a “foolish decision” he had made. Snow starts on the trail to Lake Helene about 0.75 mile out from Bear Lake, and from there to the “Banana Bowl” is back and forth snow patches and dirt; from the ”Banana Bowl” to Lake Helene it is pretty solid snow, except that the two rock slide crossings are almost totally snow-free at this point.
By a Park Ranger

6/13/2022 Black Lake
Above Jewel Lake toward Black Lake there is still a good amount of snow.
By a Visitor

6/6/2022 Thunder Lake Trail
The trail is clear until the Thunder/Lion Lake trails. There are intermittent patches of snow from the unmaintained trail/Ouzel Falls junction up to the Lion/Thunder Lake junction. There are also multiple trees down on the trail in that section.
By a Park Ranger


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For Your Safety

These Trail Conditions reports are the viewpoints of the submitters, whether park staff, volunteers, or visitors. Conditions can change rapidly in the mountains. Use these reports only as guidelines. Be prepared for varying weather and trail conditions.

Falling trees are ever-present hazards when traveling in the forest. Be aware of your surroundings. Dead trees can fall without warning!

Due to the September 2013 Flood, missing foot bridges, uneven trail surfaces, unstable slopes, falling trees due to soil moisture, rutted trails, damaged water bars and steps, standing water, difficult water crossings, and missing directional signs could be encountered. Most of Rocky Mountain National Park is designated wilderness, where self-reliance and adventure are expected. Hikers should be prepared to take responsibility for their own actions; search and rescue may be delayed. Be prepared to stay overnight even if you are a day hiker. Hiking poles may be helpful on uneven trails. Route finding skills may be required. Carry a map and compass and other backcountry travel essentials. Hike at your own risk.

Last updated: June 22, 2022

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