Rock Creek Campground

layout map of Rock Creek Campground near the Emory River
Rock Creek Campground Layout Map
Basic Information

Accessibility Information


(6 miles one way):

  • Turn right out of the visitor center parking lot onto Maiden Street and drive until you reach the intersection of Main Street.
  • Continue straight across Main Street to the next intersection and turn right onto Spring Street. Spring Street becomes Catoosa Road at the curve to the left.
  • Stay on this road and follow the signs approximately 5.6 miles to reach your destination.

Reservation Rules

What is the maximum consecutive stay?

You may stay up to 14 nights during a visit at this campground.

What are the maximum reservations I can make on one transaction?

You may pay for up to 4 reservations at one time within the same credit card transaction.

Are self-service modifications allowed after arrival?

This campground allows you to modify your reservation as a self service through your online account (My Reservations). This includes all modifications for remaining nights such as changing sites or leaving early. Past night can't be changed.

If I book this reservation today, what are my options to change or cancel?

Please remember that reservations at these facilities prevent other visitors from using these sites. Planned changes to your stay should be made as far in advance as possible. You can make changes to your reservation in My Reservations.


If your new stay dates are completely different from your original stay dates, there is a $10 change fee (per reserved site). There are no additional fees for:

  • Adding or removing nights to your stay.

  • Changing to a different campsite.

Balances will adjust based on your new stay's nightly rate.


You can cancel the reservation any time before the date of your scheduled arrival. You will receive a refund for your stay, minus the following fees:

  • $10 cancellation fee

  • Any reservation fees (only if paid when booking)

  • Any previous change fees

Late Cancellation

  • Defined as a cancellation the day before or the day of check in.
  • Customer will pay the $10 cancellation fee (and reservation fee, if applicable) and forfeit the first night’s use fee.
  • Cancellations for a one-night reservation will forfeit the entire amount paid and will not be subject to an additional service fee.

What is “Late”?

For individual campsites, a late cancellation applies starting from midnight 1 calendar day before your scheduled check-in. For cabins and group sites, a late cancellation applies starting from midnight 14 calendar days or fewer before your scheduled check-in.

Modifying Before Check-In

If you want to make a modification on the day of your scheduled arrival, you have these options:

1. Log into your account and modify your reservation under the My Reservations option.

2. Request the change upon arrival at the facility. The facility reserves the right to grant or decline the request for modification.

Cancelling Before Check-In

If you decide to cancel your reservation before you check in, you have these options:

1. Log into your account and cancel your reservation under the My Reservations option.

2. Call into the Contact Center at 877-444-6777 with your order number ready.

Important Note: The contact center cannot waive cancellation fees for any reason.

Modifying After Check-In

If you are staying at an unstaffed location and need to check out early, you may call into the Contact Center at 877-444-6777 with your order number ready for a customer service representative to complete the early departure for you. You will lose the fees for the date of your early departure.

Note: The Contact Center cannot make a campsite modification for you once you have been checked in. You must do that online.

Cancelling After Check-In

To cancel a reservation after you have checked in, you will need to contact a member of the facility where you are staying. The contact center will NOT be able to cancel a reservation after check-in.

Even if you have not physically checked in, you cannot cancel your reservation online on the day you are supposed to check in, or any day after. If you are not able to cancel your reservation due to this, you can wait until the reservation dates have passed and submit a refund request to the facility.

Last updated: December 31, 2023

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