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A pika, a small mammal, sits on a rock.
American pika (Ochotona princeps)

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Curious about a bird or frog or wonder what kind of plants grow here? Park staff continue to develop park species lists using information from past and ongoing research. The species lists are works in progress. Lists continue to change and improve as information is learned about species in the park. Some species categories such as birds or mammals have had more research done and the corresponding information in NPSpecies (see "What is NPSpecies" below) is relatively stable. Other categories such as invertebrates or non-vascular plants are less well known, and information in NPSpecies may be missing or in the early stages of development. The absence of a species from the lists does not necessarily indicate its absence from the park, since it is possible that formal census techniques targeting rare, unique, cryptic, or seasonally present species may not have been used in all research projects.

Explore the park’s species lists maintained in partnership with the North Coast and Cascades Network.

Special Interest Species Reports:

Fish of Lake Chelan Watershed
Formatted Species Lists:

Non-vertebrate Animals
Vascular Plants
Non-vascular Plants

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Visit NPSpecies for more comprehensive information and advanced search capability. Have a suggestion or comment on this list? Let us know.


What is NPSpecies?

NPSpecies is a National Park Service biodiversity database with information on species that occur in any national park. To create customized species lists for North Cascades National Park Service Complex, visit the Reports page and enter or select North Cascades National Park (NOCA) in the Choose Park drop-down menu. Select one of the options under Park Custom Reports on the lower right side of the page. Lists using Park Tag Filter generate subsets of broader species categories based on species behavior, life form, or other attributes of interest. Email with suggestions for additional specialized lists.

Last updated: July 6, 2021

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