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Early Life

William Henry Jackson
Parker, Styles and Jackson
Styles Vermont Gallery of Art
Figure Studies - Caddie Eastman
Wolf Run Shoals
Civil War Map Work
Military Discharge
Ed Owens, Wagon Boss
Yoking Up
Yoking Wild Bull
Grub Pile
Pencil and ink on paper Lightning Strikes the Telegraph Pole
William Henry Jackson as he reached Salt Lake in the fall of 1866
Climbing out of the Valley of the Virgin
Spooking Cattle
Catching Up Horses in California
Self Portrait of William Henry Jackson
1000 Mile Tree
William Henry Jackson Photographing Along the Union Pacific Railroad


Photo Outfit at the Summit of Mt. Washburn
geologist Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden
geologist Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden
Commemorative Medal

Wyoming (1870)

First pack outfit with Hayden Geo. Survey. HYPO carried the parfleche
Jackson Canyon, Wyoming
U.S.G.S of 1870
Independence Rock
Ayres Natural Bridge formation
Badlands on Black's Fork
Native Americans standing around Tipis

Yellowstone 1871

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Boiling Sulphur Spring
Hot Spring Cone
Grotto Geyser
Earthquake Camp
Survey Party, with pack train, en-route upon the trail between the Yellowstone River and East Fork, showing the manner in which all parties traverse these wilds
Hayden and Beaman

Yellowstone 1871: Jackson & Moran

Thomas Moran, 1871
Yellowstone Hot Springs
Gelatin chloride print on paper featuring Thomas Moran
Portrait of Thomas Moran
Liberty Cap, Mammoth Hot Springs

Yellowstone & Tetons 1872

Mt . Hayden or the Grand Teton
The Teton Range, S.E.
Mountain Sheep
Tower Falls
Distant View of the Castle Geyser in Eruption
Crater of the Grotto Geyser
Old Faithful in Eruption
Hot Spring Basin, Lower Fire Hole
Gardiner's River Falls
Gardiner's River Falls
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Great Falls of the Yellowstone

Four Corners 1873

Estes Peak, Head of the Big Thompson
Chicago Lake, Near Georgetown
Eroded Sand Stones, Monument Park
1873 Hayden Survey
Camp Study, 1873
Mount of the Holy Cross

Southwest 1874-77

Berthoud Pass
Camp Scene Near Blue River
Packing 20 x 24
USGS 1874
Cliff House - Mancos Canyon
John Moss, 1874
Group of the USGS at Colorado Springs)
Rocky Trail
Photographic Division, US Geological Survey
Ruins at the Mouth of Hovenweep
Cliff Dwelling Ruins
Hopi Village of Walpi
The Hopi Village of Shipaulave
Moon House
Montezuma Canyon
William Henry Jackson and Charles Aldrich
Painting of Woman in Blue Dress

Later Years

William Henry Jackson in Mancos Canyon
William Henry Jackson and Horace M. Albright at Yellowstone
William Henry Jackson and Secretary Ickes

Studio Work

Jackson with friends inside of a railcar
Gate Way and Pike's Peak
Old Faithful is located in Yellowstone National Park
postcard featuring Washington Monument
Postcard featuring Santa Catalina Rock

Globe Trotting

Ruins of Carthage
Egyptian Pyramids
Three Indian Elephants
William Henry Jackson in Korea
Jackson (foreground) with wooden structure in background


Paint Box
Painting of mule falling off the side of a mesa onto the cedar trees below
homas Moran (second from right on horseback, foreground) and William Henry Jackson (standing, middle ground) with Old Faithful in eruption in the background
Pony Express Rider
Mount of the Holy Cross, Rocky Mountains
Watercolor of Two males, pack animals and boxes of glass negatives to depict the process of wet plate photography
Two Story House, an Ancestral Puebloan site, is visible in the background of this painting

Photgraphic Process

Dark Room on Wheels
Photographing in High Places
Photographer on the summit of Sultan Mountain
Box Camera on Tripod
Falls of the Rio San Miguel
Summit Fremont
The last trip west - WHJ at summit of Red Lodge - Yellowstone Highway 1940

Jackson Portraits

Bob Blair
Bob Blair
Bob Blair
Bob Blair
Bob Blair
Bob Blair
Bob Blair

Bob Blair

Bob Blair
Bob Blair