Alerts & Conditions

What's Open

  • French Quarter Visitor Center, including operations for New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park (New Orleans)
    • Courtyard and Exhibit Area open Thursday-Saturday 10AM- 4:00PM
  • Barataria Preserve (Marrero)
    • Gates to parking lots open and restrooms available daily 9:00am-5:00pm. Please note that gates are locked at 5:00pm!
    • Visitor Center open Friday-Sunday 10AM - 4PM
    • Trails on both sides of La. Hwy. 45 are open, with the exceptions of Loop A of the Plantation Trail and the Ring Levee Trail. These are closed due to maintenance and unsafe conditions.
    • Please note that trails on the east side of LA Hwy 45 (Barataria Blvd) - "Pecan Grove Area" - are not boardwalk trails. They are wet and muddy most of the year and visitors should have appropriate footwear if exploring those trails.
    • Bayou des Familles canoe launch.
  • Chalmette Battlefield and National Cemetery (Chalmette)
    • Gates open 9AM - 4PM, 7 days a week (9:30AM - 3:30PM on federal holidays)
    • Visitor Center open Friday-Sunday 10AM- 2:30PM
  • Wetlands Acadian Cultural Center (Thibodaux)
    • Thursday-Saturday 10AM - 4PM
  • Acadian Cultural Center (Lafayette)
    • Thursday-Saturday 10AM - 4PM

The park's Facebook page, with live stream music events, short ranger talks, and more.

What's Closed

These park locations remain closed due to maintenance:

  • the Ring Levee Trail and Loop A of the Plantation Trail at the Barataria Preserve (Marrero)
  • Prairie Acadian Cultural Center (Eunice), park grounds and visitor center

For your safety:

  • If it's an emergency, call 911 no matter where you are

  • If you need help for situations like suspicious activity, illegal dumping, poaching, etc., call 1-855-NPS-JELA (1-855-677-5352) for National Park Service Law Enforcement Response. Give the dispatcher your contact number and as much information as you can.

The health and safety of visitors, employees, volunteers, and partners at Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve are the park's number one priority. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance for the coronavirus/COVID 19 pandemic includes social distancing. If you are coming to the park, please choose to visit areas that are not crowded to allow for adequate social distancing.

As services are limited, the National Park Service urges visitors to:

  • Pack out everything you bring into a park.
  • Maintain social distance from other visitors.
  • Park safely off the road or highway.
  • If you encounter a crowded area, go elsewhere.

The National Park Service urges everyone to do their part when visiting a park and to follow CDC guidance to prevent the spread of infectious diseases by maintaining a safe distance between yourself and other groups; cleaning your hands often; avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth; covering your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze; and most importantly, staying at home if you feel sick.

For information on non-emergency closures and construction at park sites, follow the link for details.

Last updated: April 3, 2021

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