Bright yellow burmarigold flowers
South Louisiana is paradise for plants, including the burmarigolds that bloom every fall.

South Louisiana's long growing season and abundant rain means it's a great place to be a plant. The Barataria Preserve contains three major plant systems: hardwood forest, swamp, and marsh, and it's a good place to see over 400 species of plants.

Spring in the Swamp: In the spring, the wildflowers fill every corner of the Barataria Preserve. Although the giant blue iris population was greatly reduced for several years, they seem to be making a comeback. More information about the giant blue irises and other preserve iris species is at the link on a pdf to download, print, and share.

In summer, the Barataria Preserve's freshwater marsh turns bright green, forming a complex system of reeds, sedges, grasses, and shrubs. Fall in the preserve brings the bright crimson of swamp (red) maples and the brilliant yellow of burmarigolds. Even in the winter, many plants stay green, providing food and habitat for a wide variety of animals.

Follow the link to learn more about nature and science at Jean Lafitte, including environmental factors and how you can contribute to nature knowledge at the park. The links below are for plant lists for various park areas and seasons.

Barataria Preserve Plants

Fall Wildflowers of Barataria

Spring Wildflowers of Barataria


Plants of Jean Lafitte

Last updated: May 31, 2022

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