Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve's six sites cover a vast history that has touched many people. Learn more about the people of our park below.

Please note: information about Fazendeville, Chalmette National Cemetery, and the Battle of New Orleans, including troop rosters, is on the Places page.

Learn about more of the interesting people in our park's history with the quick links.
a group of children pose for a picture on a farm.
From Acadian to Cajun

Learn how Nova Scotia's Acadians became Louisiana's Cajuns.

Man looks off to the distance. He is wearing a buttoned shirt.
Isleños of South Louisiana

Where are the Isleños from? Why did they move deep into the Delta? Find out here.

Portrait of a woman wearing a knit sweater. Her hair is pinned back.
Irish in New Orleans

How did the Irish arrive in New Orleans? Who was the first statue ever erected in honor of a woman in the United States for? Find out here.

illustration of a ship with both triangle and square sails
Pirate Jean Lafitte & the Baratarians

Who was Jean Lafitte? Are the legends true? Find out here.

1940: an adult daughter and elderly mother stand next to a large multi-tiered altar
The Irish and Italian of New Orleans

Why does New Orleans celebrate Irish and Italian saints? Find out here.

African American men and women in mid-1900s clothes

Jean Lafitte NHP&P's sites and the areas around them are woven into the histories of many families. Discover genealogy.

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    Men dressed as 1815-era Choctaw Indians talk to girls at living history event
    Beginning with the ancestors of today's Indian nations, people from all over the world and from all walks of life have lived in Louisiana. At a park event in 2012, these men portrayed the Choctaw Indians who fought with the Americans at 1815's Battle of New Orleans at Chalmette Battlefield

    Last updated: January 26, 2022

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