A brown building with a large front deck.
Windigo Visitor Center.

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Windigo is located on the southwest end of Isle Royale National Park. It can be accessed by the Voyageur II, Seahunter III, Isle Royale Seaplanes service, and by private boat or seaplane. Use this map to orient yourself to Windigo's facilities and services. Get up-to-date information about the Windigo Visitor Center operating hours and current weather prior to your trip.

When paying park entrance fees, personal checks are no longer accepted at the Windigo Visitor Center.

View of Washington Harbor.
View of Washington Harbor.

A Portal to Wilderness

A warm breeze blows through the maples and birches, a splash echoes across the water as a cow moose wades into the protected harbor; an osprey circles overhead. This is the edge of wilderness. Welcome...

A large brown building.
The Washington Harbor Store.


Amenities & Services

The southwestern end of Isle Royale National Park offers a variety of activities designed to enhance your park experience. Drop by the Windigo Visitor Center to view displays, browse publications, receive your backcountry permit, check the ranger program schedule, or have your questions answered. Explore the trails, relax on the deck of the Washington Harbor Store, or take a dip in the often chilly, but refreshing waters of Washington Harbor. The Washington Creek campground is available for overnight stays; please note the stay night limit between June 1 and Labor Day is three nights. Dock your boat at the Windigo dock. Other amenities and services in Windigo include:

  • Pump-out service (available seasonally)
  • Gasoline and Diesel fuel (available seasonally)
  • Washington Harbor Store (open seasonally)
  • Showers (available seasonally)
  • Laundry (available seasonally)
  • Potable Water (available seasonally)
  • Windigo Camper Cabins (available seasonally)

View of the Grace Creek Overlook.
View of the Grace Creek Overlook.

Explore by Land or Water

There are numerous short and long hiking trips that start from the Windigo area. There are also short and long paddle, powerboat, and sailboat excursions to be enjoyed in Washington Harbor. Discover more about the area's recreational offerings in the Windigo Area Guide.


Last updated: May 20, 2024

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