Entrance Fee FAQs



What types of payments methods are accepted?
On-island: Credit Cards Only
Houghton: Credit Cards & Check
Online: Payments Accepted through Pay.gov

Why is cash no longer accepted?
As cash sales have declined signficantly over the last ten years, the cost to collect cash overshadowed the volume of cash that was collected. Maintaining cash operations on an isolated island in Lake Superior was no longer financially sustainable.

Are checks accepted?
Checks are not accepted on Isle Royale. Checks are accepted in the Hougton Visitor Center on the mainland.

I am a private boater. How should I pay my entrance fee?
Private boaters pay entrance fees the same way as all other visitors. The Isle Royale Season Pass is typically the most cost effective method of payment. All overnight boaters need a permit, which can be obtained at the Houghton, Rock Habor, or Windigo Visitor Centers upon arrival or by contacting the Houghton Visitor Center prior to a visit.


What happens if I forgot my pass?
To waive entrance fees with a Federal Recreation Pass or Isle Royale Season Pass, said pass must be presented on-island. If you forget to bring your pass with you, you will be required to pay entrance fees upon arrival.

Will my Annual pass work?
Yes, for the pass holder and up to 3 adults (16 and over) traveling with you (4 total). All Federal Recreation Passes now work.

Will my Senior pass work?
Yes, for the pass holder and up to 3 adults (16 and over) traveling with you (4 total). All Federal Recreation Passes now work.

General Fee Questions

What happens to the fee I paid if I change my itinerary while on Isle Royale?
Campers extending their stay will be required to extend their camping permit and pay additional fees at the Rock Harbor or Windigo Visitor Centers. Those that depart the island early should request a refund by contacting the park.

What are the children age exemptions?
Children 15 and under are exempt from paying the entrance fee; no fee is charged.

How will children exemptions work with Federal Recreation Passes?
Children 15 and under are free. All Federal Recreation Passes will work for the pass holder and 3 additional people ages 16 and up (4 total).

What are entrance fees used for at Isle Royale?
All fees collected at Isle Royale remain in the park and are primarily used for trail and dock maintenance projects. Check out Your Dollars at Work to see what specific projects your fee dollars have helped supprt.

Last updated: March 28, 2024

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