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Bears are active in Grand Teton

Black and grizzly bears are roaming throughout the park even in most winter months—near roads, trails, and in backcountry areas. Hikers and backcountry users are advised to travel in groups of three or more, make noise, and carry bear spray. Visitors must stay 100 yards from bears. For more information on bears checkout out Safety in Bear Country.

Temporary and Wildlife Closures

There are temporary area closures in effect at locations throughout the park. These closures protect wildlife and visitor safety. Seasonal wildlife closures are necessary for protection of wildlife including moose, elk, bighorn sheep and waterfowl during critical periods. For additional information and maps of each individual closure see Temporary and Wildlife Closure page.

Park Roads

Grand Teton National Park has a very short window of good weather that will allow for needed road updates and road construction. Most summers atleast one major road construction project is occuring. Visit the Road Information page to learn more.



Grand Teton National Park has long, cold winters—snow and frost are possible any month. April, May, & June - Mild days and cool nights alternate with rain and snow. July & August - Warm days and cool nights prevail, with afternoon thundershowers common. September, October, & November - Sunny days and cold nights alternate with rain and occasional snowstorms. December to April - Between storms the days are sunny and nights are frigid. Snow blankets the mountains and valley.


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Last updated: March 7, 2022

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