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Programs Are Presented Daily

Within a paved plaza is a long, narrow building with solar panels on a gabled gray roof. Five exhibit kiosks are positioned in front of the building and the American Flag is posted in front of the building.
Grand Canyon Visitor Center

NPS/M. Quinn

Ranger's Choice

10:30 am (30 Minutes) Daily
—Meet at Grand Canyon Visitor Center

Join us for a surprise program. Topics change daily. Come curious, leave inspired! Some of our recent Ranger talks have featured programs about: Geology, Wildlife, History, Grand Canyon's Trails, Astronomy, and California Condors —to name a few.

Family-friendly program. Great for Junior Rangers. Accessible.

a park ranger standing in an outdoor amphitheater is giving a talk to a group of park visitors. He is using hand gestures to explain geologic processes. Grand Canyon is behind them.
The outdoor amphitheater near Yavapai Geology Musuem

NPS/M. Quinn

Geology Talk

2:30 pm (30 Minutes) Daily
—Meet at Yavapai Geology Museum

Learn how Grand Canyon formed in this short introductory talk. Why is it so deep, wide, and grand? Why does it exist only here and nowhere else in the world? Consider walking the Trail of Time following the program.

Family-friendly program. Great for Junior Rangers. Accessible.


Winter Evening Programs

a small group of people taking turns looking through a large telescope beneath a sky full of stars.
Telescope viewing and green laser constellation tours are presented.

Astronomy Programs

60 to 90 minutes
Days, times and locations vary. Accessible.

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  • Schedules are posted on signs and flyers at visitor centers and on bulletin boards.
A South Rim Village and vicinity map that shows the locations of the two park ranger program locations, Yavapai Geology Museum and the Visitor Center. Additional descriptions are in the calendar listings below.
Ranger programs and their locations are described in more detail in the calendar listing for each day - show below.

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