Physical & Mobility Impairments

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The Sky Island Forest Trail is one of two accessible trails within the park


Accessible Trails

The park currently features two trails that are built to ADA standards and are accessible with a standard wheelchair. For information on all trails, go to our hiking page.

  1. The Sky Island Forest Trail lies at the top of the paved Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive at nearly 10,000ft elevation. This trail takes visitors on a boardwalk and matted surface through the trees and by creeks on a 0.4mi/0.6km journey with interpretive waysides. This unique slice of an alpine forest is great for birdwatching, listening to the wind in the quaking aspens, and the occassional wildlife sighting. There are minor grades on this trail.
  2. The Shoshone ADA Trail begins at the end of Snake Creek road, a gravel road, and takes visitors to a small overlook of Snake Creek. Interpretive waysides about fishing and the native Bonnevile Cutthroat Trout will entertain and educate while listening to the babble of the creek and the occassional jump of a trout. The trail goes out 0.1mi/0.2km to the creek down a graded, gravel surface at an elevation of 8,200 feet.

Service Animals

Service animals are allowed on all park trails provided they fall under the definitions provided by NPS Policy and the Americans with Disabilites Act (ADA). More information on service animals is available at our Service Animals page at this link.

Accessible Camping

Most campgrounds in the park do have wheelchair accessible sites available. Find specific information on site numbers below under "Facilities." It is possible campers may take an accessible campsite without a specific need. For first-come, first-served campsites, the sites may only be taken by those who have disabilities. We are required by law to keep a certain number of sites open to those who have disabilities and therefore only those with disabilities may take them.

If you find a first-come, first-served site with individuals who do not have a disability, please find a ranger or campground host who can assist. Rangers will gladly ensure accessible sites are used by those with accessibility needs.

With reservation-only campgrounds, it is possible for any individual to book an accessible site through if it is the last site remaining for reservation. Rangers are not able to remove those who have reserved an accessible site even without any disability. We will follow policy for reserved campgrounds in which visitors can reserve accessible sites if it is the only one left.


Other Accessible Overlooks

A handful of overlooks which require a very short distance are located throughout the park.

  1. Below the Lehman Caves Visitor Center is the Historic Orchard boardwalk. This area features a bench and interpretive signs about the historic orchard from the early days of the cave's development. Newly Constructed in 2022!
  2. Upper Lehman Creek Campground has the fishing and wetland boardwalk, featuring interpretive signs, benches, and plenty of shade in the summer.
  3. Higher along the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive, Mather Overlook and Wheeler Peak Overlook each feature short boardwalks with interpretive signage, along with incredible views of the Snake Valley and Wheeler Peak.


Lehman Caves Visitor Center & Great Basin Cafe

  • Parking: Accessible parking is available in front of the visitor center.
  • Entrance: A 17-step staircase leads to the front doors with handrails and a small landing halfway up. A wheelchair-accessible ramp is located to the left of this staircase. Both the Visitor Center and attached Great Basin Cafe are accessed here. Both have button-activated automatic doors.
  • Restrooms: A men's, women's, and ungendered restrooms are available. Only the ungendered restroom is accessible, with button-activated automatic door. Entrances to the restrooms are at the front of the visitor center exterior.
  • Benches: Benches at the top of the front stairs and behind the visitor center are available and covered, allowing shade during some times of day. The Cafe has indoor seating and picnic tables in the rear. An indoor theater has seating as well.
  • Exhibits: Exhibits are structured to be reachable from a wheelchair, and feature tactile elements.

Lehman Caves

  • Parking: Located just behind the Lehman Caves Visitor Center, parking is available in front of the Visitor Center.
  • Entrance: Entrance Tunnels to Lehman Caves are historic and not accessible. Wheelchairs may fit, but steep grades are present and make the journey strenuous. Check with a ranger to see if entering the cave is possible or recommended. If staffing allows, rangers may let you preview the entrance route prior to your tour. Ranger staff are unable to assist with propelling wheelchairs. Be prepared to access the cave under your/your groups own power.
  • Routes: Entrances to the cave may be reached via ADA ramps from behind the visitor center, only feet away from the rear door.
  • Restrooms: Located in front of the visitor center. One ADA accessible restroom available.
  • Benches: Available at the cave entrance and along the ramp leading to the cave exit.

Great Basin Visitor Center

  • Parking: A large parking lot with accessible parking available immediately in front
  • Entrance: A short distance on a level sidewalk leads to the visitor center entrance with button-activated automatic doors.
  • Restrooms: Men's and women's restrooms available in front of the visitor center with button-activated automatic doors.
  • Benches: Benches surround the entrance to the visitor center and the nearby outdoor exhibits. Seats and benches are closely available throughout the interior of both the bookstore and exhibit spaces, along with the indoor theater.
  • Exhibits: Many exhibits are within reach of those in wheelchairs. Drawers are sometimes just above ground level and may require reaching, and are usually geared towards children's activities. Rangers are happy to assist if needed to reach any drawers or interactive components.

Campgrounds & Picnic Areas

  • Campsites: Each campground has at least one accessible campsite, with priority given to those with mobility impairments. Rangers will gladly ensure a space is clear if none are available at arrival. Sites are paved flat, have wheelchair accessible tables, and tend to be close to water and restrooms.
    • Lower Lehman site #1
    • Upper Lehman site #2 and #18
    • Grey Cliffs site #A8 and #C3
    • Baker Creek site #4, #21, and #28
    • Wheeler Peak site #5 and #21
  • Parking: Accessible parking is available at the Lehman Caves Visitor Center picnic area and the Astronomy Amphitheater picnic area.
  • Routes: Many picnic areas and campgrounds have paved access. Some campgrounds are down gravel roads - beware when driving low vehicles, like those that accommodate wheelchairs, on these sections.
  • Restrooms: Accessible restrooms without door assist are available throughout the park campgrounds, picnic areas, and at overlooks. Please reference campground maps for exact restroom locations.
  • Benches: Picnic tables are wheelchair accessible at the Lehman Caves Visitor Center picnic area and Astronomy Amphitheater picnic area. Benches are available at overlooks.
Astronomy program in front of a visitor center
Astronomy programs feature many accessibility options


Ranger Programs

Rangers at Great Basin present a variety of ranger led programs throughout the year, mostly in the summer months. Cave tours are a major draw, and shorter tours are recommended for those able to walk but not capable of being on their feet for long periods. Wheelchairs may technically access Lehman Caves, but the entrances do not meet ADA standards due to their historic nature. See the "Facilities" section above for more information.

Astronomy Programs are held weekly during summer months in the Astronomy Amphitheater below the Lehman Caves Visitor Center. The amphitheater is fully accessible down a short dirt path and has built-in benches with space for wheelchairs. Restrooms are nearby and fully accessible. Parking at the amphitheater is only allowed for those with mobility impairments. Seek out a ranger for more information.


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Last updated: October 27, 2023

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