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Great Basin has Braille Brochures available upon request


Alternative Park Brochure Formats

Great Basin National Park has several alternative formats for the free brochure available to all park visitors. A brief description of each format follows, with all alternatives being available on our Park Brochure page.

  • In 2022, Great Basin National Park partnered with the UniDescription project (a collaboration between the University of Hawaii, the National Park Service, and others) to audio describe the Great Basin National Park brochure. There are several options for accessing audio descriptions on the park brochure page.
  • You can obtain a braille version of our print brochure, but it is important to note that it does not describe images found in the brochure - only the text found therein. Download this brochure as a printable Braille file to view or print with your braille compatible software or equipment. Alternatively, Request a paper copy of the braille brochure be mailed to you. Please mention you would like a braille copy specifically in your request.
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Multisensory experiences

Come by the either visitor center for exhibits and other experiences that are tactile. At the Lehman Caves Visitor Center, experience a simulated cave environment with the sounds of a wet cave, feel 3D printed cave features, the textures and shapes of cave critters, and an actual speleothem. The Great Basin Visitor Center has many interactive exhibits, including an artificial bristlecone pine and a cross section of the Prometheus Tree.

Ranger Programs similarly strive to provide experiences that allow tactile interaction. Ask a Ranger what programs are happening and what you might experience.


Park Film

The Park Film features Audio Descriptions through the video player located on our website, along with closed captioning for those with audio impairments. For either of these options, click the "AD" button to activate Audio description or the "CC" button for captions, both at the bottom of the video player. Visitor Centers have theaters with the park film which can be played with captions and audio description as well. Ask a ranger for assistance.


Audio Tours

The National Park Service App is a great resource across all national parks and friendly with a variety of screen readers. Great Basin features a section labeled "Self-Guided Tours." Within is the "Auto-tour, Great Basin Life Zones" leading visitors up the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive with audio components. Similarly you can find the "Walking Tour: The Mountain View Nature Trail" which is accessible to screen readers and may guide you around a trail by the Lehman Caves Visitor Center.


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Last updated: August 12, 2023

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