Alligator in the grass outside of the fort
Diamondback Terrapin in the grass

Reptiles, of the class Reptilia, are air-breathing mostly cold-blooded vertebrates commonly identified by their dry, scaly skin and young that develop in eggs. They are a very diverse group with over 8,700 species, with even more diversity in the extinct species, including many different aquatic and terrestrial dinosaurs. Today, many species of reptiles continue to face the threat of extinction due to habitat destruction, pollution, and overexploitation.

Though many different reptilian species occupy the land and water of Fort Pulaski, there is little chance that visitors will come in contact with them during a visit to the park, as they generally tend to avoid any human interaction.

However, small turtles and lizards can often be seen around Cockspur Island, nonvenomous Rat snakes may surface at times inside the fort, and alligators can sometimes be seen basking outside the fort! So keep your eyes peeled and you may be able to catch a glimpse of some of the reptiles that frequent the land and waters of Cockspur and McQueens Islands!

Last updated: January 30, 2020

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