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A map showing the no fly advisory zone around Devils Tower
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When the airport at Hulett, Wyoming (W43) was established, an agreement between the Federal Aviation Administration, Town of Hulett, Hulett Airport Advisory Board, and Devils Tower National Monument created a “No-Fly Advisory Zone”.

This zone recognizes the cultural significance of Devils Tower as a sacred site to over 20 American Indian Tribes. It also preserves the ecological soundscape and opportunities for visitor peace and reflection.

The advisory is centered on Devils Tower, (Lat: 44°35’25.86”N, Long: 104°42’54.57”W) and extends for 2 nautical miles (NM) throughout the year, except for the month of June, when it extends for 3 nautical miles. The advisory includes no overflights of the Tower throughout the year. The Hulett (W43) airport is approximately 7.5 nautical miles northeast of Devils Tower. Pilots are advised to fly routes in northeasterly or southeasterly directions when using the airport for arrivals or departures to avoid the no-fly advisory zone.

The Federal Aviation Administration also maintains an advisory applicable to national parks and public lands for pilots to have a minimum 2,000 foot flight ceiling over any landmass. If you have questions about aircraft usage around Devils Tower National Monument, please contact the Chief Ranger at (307) 467-5283 x636.

Last updated: March 13, 2019

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