Watercraft Regulations

Know and practice the "rules of the road"

Keep a copy of current boat/motor registration on vessel at all times. Numbers on both sides of the bow 3" block characters - contrasting color to hull.

Required safety equipment on board:

  1. Wearable PFD's (life jackets) must be in good condition, proper size, available, and readily accessible for EACH passenger on board. Children 12 and under must wear PFD's when underway. Every vessel must carry one Type IV throwable device. All PFD's must be USCG approved.
  2. All vessels must carry a USCG approved fire extinguisher in good working order.
  3. All vessels must carry a horn, whistle, or sound producing mechanical device.
  4. All vessels used between sunset and sunrise, must show a red/green light combination facing forward and a white light at the stern when underway; and a white light at the stern when anchored.


  • When towing a skier there must be an observer at least 8 years old, or the vessel equipped with an efficient wide angle convex rear view mirror. Skiing is allowed only between sunrise and sunset.
  • All vessels must be equipped with a muffler system, in good working order, which cannot be modified to increase the noise level.
  • No person under 12 years of age may solely operate a Personal Watercraft.
  • A vessel may not operate within 150' of any person, dock, anchored or moored vessel at a speed greater than "idle or slow steerageway speed."
  • All vessels must comply with "NO WAKE" and "NO BOAT" designated areas of the lake.
  • Operating a vessel within 150' of a divers down flag is prohibited.
  • Operating a vessel in excess of the loading or horsepower limits (capacity plate) is prohibited.
  • Riding in or on trailered vessel except while actually loading or launching is prohibited.

It is your responsibility to know and comply with the boating regulations.

Refer to the Oklahoma Boat & Water Rules, Regulations, and Safety Laws pamphlet for rules and regulations. These pamphlets are available from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, Lake Patrol Division, 3600 North Martin Luther King Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73111. DPS Main Information Line: (405) 425-2424

Last updated: June 13, 2020

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