Guided Tours

Ranger guiding tour group of families near the Great House. 11 people including children are listening to uniformed ranger.
A ranger guided tour near the Great House.


Late Fall, Winter, and Spring

Guided tours are offered nearly hourly from late November to mid-April. Tours meet in the shaded interpretive ramada located immediately outside of the visitor center's rear doors. While you are seated for the introduction the guide will explain the history of the ruins, the archeology, and the Hohokam Culture. Your guide, either ranger or trained volunteer, will then lead the tour into Compound A and point out interesting features. You may enter or leave the tour at any point, or you may chose to visit the park on a self-guided tour. There are signs and exhibits to enhance your visit with volunteers and staff eager to hear your stories and discuss your questions. Tours are wheelchair friendly.

Summer and Early Fall

Guided tours in May through October are offered as staffing, weather, high temperatures, and group size permit. Please ask or read postings at the front visitor center information desk to learn about tours, special events, or guest speakers featured on the day of your visit.

Tours Inside the Great House

No tours enter the Great House due to safety and resource protection concerns. There are bats, insects, birds, and other animals who make the Great House their home or hotel. Most of these residents, or their droppings, are unhealthy for humans to meet. The wear and tear on the Great House from tours would also do permanent damage, vandalism aside. And, as discovered after a 1974 earthquake, there isn't much holding the Great House together so it is best we leave it be.

Fees and Reservations

Entrance to Casa Grande Ruins National Monument is free. Unless you are bringing a group of 15 people or more, or if you need special accommodations, there is no need to make a reservation in advance. Special tours such as backcountry archeology walks are sometimes offered in the spring. Please contact the park in advance as these programs fill quickly and will require reservations.

Last updated: May 8, 2019

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