Physical / Mobility Accessibility

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Arches National Park has many areas that are accessible for people with physical or mobility concerns. The park scenic drive passes many notable arches and rock formations that are visible from the road. This page provides details on accessible activities and facilities.


Programs and Tours

Ranger Programs

Rangers offer programs spring through fall.

  • Rangers present evening programs at Devils Garden Campground amphitheater. A paved sidewalk leads from the parking area to the amphitheater. Small red lights line the sidewalk. The ground surface at the amphitheater is gravel. Bench seating is available.
  • Guided walks are offered at The Windows Section. The walk is up to 1 mile in length. The first 100 yards of the trail is barrier free. After the first 100 yards, the trail rises gently to a set of uneven stone steps that climb to three arches along the trail. Surfaces are rocky and uneven.

Fiery Furnace Hikes

Rangers lead hikes through the Fiery Furnace daily spring through fall. Reservations are required. These hikes are physically demanding and require walking and climbing on uneven surfaces, along narrow ledges above drop-offs, and in loose sand. There are gaps you must jump across and narrow places that you must squeeze into and pull yourself up and through. In some places, you must hold yourself off the ground by pushing against the sandstone walls with your hands and feet.



Devils Garden Campground


Two sites at Devils Garden Campground are accessible for people with disabilites or limited physical mobility. The majority of the accessible sites are paved, making it easy to navigate with a wheelchair. The tent pad is dirt, but the rest of the area surrounding the picnic table, grill, and fire ring is paved. There is an accessible bathroom nearby.

  • Site 4H is held for people with disabilities and is available first-come, first-served.
  • Site 7 is available for reservation up to six months in advance.


All toilets at Devils Garden Campground are accessible.


The amphitheater has a designated parking area. The sidewalk to the amphitheater is paved. The ground surface at the amphitheater is gravel. Benches are available.


There are no paths through the campground. Travel through the campground is via the paved road, which has steep slopes, speed bumps, and drainage ditches. Wheelchairs may require assistance navigating the campground road.


Visitor Centers

Arches Visitor Center

  • Entrance: The front door operates on a push-button opener.
  • Parking: Accessible parking is available.
  • Restrooms, water fountains: All restrooms are wheelchair accessible.
  • Seating: Benches are located inside the front of the visitor center and outdoors on the visitor center patio.
  • Exhibits: Exhibits and the visitor center desk are structured to be accessible from a wheelchair.
  • Routes: The approach to the visitor center is paved.

Trails and Facilities

All toilets in the park are accessible to wheelchairs. The picnic areas near Balanced Rock, Panorama Point, and Devils Garden have paved sections. Devils Garden Campground has two accessible sites and the amphitheater has a paved walkway.

Only a few trails have paved sections, while others are considered barrier free but may contain minor obstacles, steeper grades, or temporary washouts, and may require assistance. Rain and snow may cause ruts or other obstacles on trails.


Trail Access Details

The sections below display detailed accessibility information about each trail at Arches National Park. Distances listed are all roundtrip.

Please be aware that conditions may have changed since trails were last assessed. Temporary obstructions may include rockfall, gullies, or potholes in hardened sections of trail.

Last updated: May 15, 2023

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