A person in a red jacket hikes behind a person in a gray jacket. The trail they are walking is tan stone with green bushes around them. Up ahead of them is a large red arch with a blue sky with puffy white clouds behind it.
Hikers on the trail to North Window

NPS/Chris Wonderly


Arches contains a variety of hiking trails, many of which are considered easy to moderate. Trails provide access to outstanding viewpoints and arches not visible from the road. Many trails use cairns (stacks of rocks) for markers and cross broad rock surfaces, requiring attention to follow.

For details like grade, tread width, and cross slope for each trail, see the Physical Accessibility page of this website.

Protect Yourself

Each year, park rangers respond to hundreds of search and rescue incidents in the park. Many involve heat and sun exposure, twisted knees or ankles, or getting lost. Before hiking, review our safety page for tips on having a safe and enjoyable visit.

Protect Your Park

Watch Your Step.
Help us protect biological soil crusts during your visit. Please walk only on trails, rock or in sandy washes (where water flows when it rains), and keep all vehicles and bikes on designated roads.

Protect Ephemeral Pools.
Sandstone basins called ephemeral pools or potholes are home to a variety of life. Tiny organisms depend on the water in these shallow pools. To protect these life forms, please do not swim, bathe, or drink the water in desert potholes, and do not walk through dry ones.

Keep off the Arches.
To promote visitor safety and the opportunity to view natural features undisturbed, climbing, scrambling, walking or standing upon, or rappelling off any arch is prohibited in the park.

Leave the Rocks as You See Them.
Graffiti—carving, scratching, chalking, or any type of marking—is illegal and unsightly. If you see someone marking on the rocks, please report it to a ranger. Learn how to be a good visitor to archeological sites.


Short and Moderate Hikes

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    Longer, More Strenuous Hikes

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