Ranger-led Activities

Ranger in summer flat hat speaks to group

A wildlife talk

NPS/Tim Rains

Join us in Summer!

Our scheduled activities include a variety of ranger-led programs, from easy walks and evening talks, to all-day hikes and boat tours. The Native America Speaks program, outdoor education programs, and interpretive boat tours are also presented by our park neighbors and partners.

Our monthly Ranger-led Activity Schedules are made available about 2 weeks before the start of the month. Programs start mid-June and generally conclude at the end of September.

Please see our Brochures and Publications page for a schedule of activities.

Evening programs are available in the campgrounds most nights. For Programs in the Lake McDonald Valley, please refer to the September Schedule.

You photographers (and instagramers) out there may enjoy our special Photo Walks in June and July.

winter uniformed ranger speaks to group

Ranger-led showshoe walks

NPS/Marc Neidig

Join Us in the Winter!

In lieu of hiking boots, strap on snowshoes and join a ranger for a 2 hour snowshoe in the Apgar area. These programs are offered Saturday and Sunday throughout the winter. Take an intimate look at the park searching for signs of wildlife, discovering the plants and animals of the park and enjoying the solitude of winter during this unique experience. For dates, times and details, download our Snowshoe Walk poster.


What to Bring Hiking

  • Sturdy foot gear is a must for all but the very easiest of hikes. Everyone should have good boots, with strong support, to help prevent ankle injuries.

  • Bring water with you! The mountains can get very hot in the summer. Surface water in the park may be unsafe to drink.

  • Mosquitoes and flies can be bothersome. Come prepared with repellent to meet some of Glacier's smaller wildlife species.

  • A day of hiking can expose you to more sun and UV rays than normal. Wear a hat and sunscreen. It will help keep you cool and prevent a sunburned scalp!

  • Weather can change quickly. Come prepared with rain gear for summer showers.

  • Bring something to eat while you are in the backcountry. If you are on an all-day hike or a hike over the noon hour, you'll get mighty hungry without lunch. Remember, if you pack it in, pack it out.

  • Children are welcome on interpretive activities, but should always be accompanied by an adult.

  • Come prepared to have a great time!

If you have questions about our Ranger-led activities, please see our FAQ section.

Did You Know?