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Ranger-led Activities

Picture of a Ranger-guided hike to St. Mary Falls
Ranger-guided hike to St. Mary Falls
David Restivo, NPS

Join Us in the Summer!

Our scheduled activities include a variety of ranger-led programs, from easy walks and evening talks, to all-day hikes and boat tours. The Native America Speaks program, outdoor education programs, and interpretive boat tours are also presented by our park neighbors and partners.

Our monthly Ranger-led Activity Schedules are made available about 2 weeks before the start of the month. Programs start mid-June and generally conclude at the end of September.

Please see our Brochures and Publications page for a schedule of activities.

What to Bring Hiking

  • Sturdy foot gear is a must for all but the very easiest of hikes. Everyone should have good boots, with strong support, to help prevent ankle injuries.

  • Bring water with you! The mountains can get very hot in the summer. Surface water in the park may be unsafe to drink.

  • Mosquitoes and flies can be bothersome. Come prepared with repellent to meet some of Glacier's smaller wildlife species.

  • A day of hiking can expose you to more sun and UV rays than normal. Wear a hat and sunscreen. It will help keep you cool and prevent a sunburned scalp!

  • Weather can change quickly. Come prepared with rain gear for summer showers.

  • Bring something to eat while you are in the backcountry. If you are on an all-day hike or a hike over the noon hour, you'll get mighty hungry without lunch. Remember, if you pack it in, pack it out.

  • Children are welcome on interpretive activities, but should always be accompanied by an adult.

  • Come prepared to have a great time!

If you have questions about our Ranger-led activities, please see our FAQ section.

Did You Know?